Aarons Rent to Own Refund Policy Contract

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My complaint about aarons rent to own sales. I am very angry that i payed a month in advance and cannot get my money back because it was already with drawn from my account today. There is no refund policy haha. Well i don’t have the property any more, so why do they keep the money when they can go and rent that computer to some one and keep my money too! The contract with aarons ends when you return the property and i don’t owe them any thing. So Aarons rent to own stole my money they are not intitled to any money if they have the property back!!

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4 thoughts on “Aarons Rent to Own Refund Policy Contract

  • Wesley Harris

    You’re renting property, you don’t own it, until you’ve paid the full value, as specified per your contract. Ignorance does not begat wealth whelp.

  • frank

    Hi I was just wondering if you could help me find out if I could be part of lawsuit against Aarons for over charging, my last stuff I just got from them is 2 kids bedroom set very cheap looking and they are charging me over 4800 bucks for them but I am in oshawa ontario canada. I bout 6 other things from them, 4 of them I paid off over 2 year period and 2 I sent baqck after almost paying them off I got run around on getting them fixed that I just sent them back and took a lost.

  • Rae

    I rented a living room set from Aaron’s Furniture on March 2, 2013. By June 3 I was given a brand new living room set from family and no longer needed to rent from them. They picked up the furniture set on the 7th, and I got a call 6 days later asking if they had gotten the furniture from me yet! After explaining to the representative who called me that they had the furniture for almost a week, I assumed there wasn’t any question or problem. I was wrong. The next day I was listening to a voicemail message stating the larger of the two couches was “nonreturnable due to excessive damage.” When I saw the couches and tables being loaded into the truck, all the pieces were exactly as I received them minus normal wear and tear. There was not structure damage, and all the furniture needed was a shampoo and some polish for resale as a used item. I am having trouble finding anything describing the condition of nonreturnable items with some type of detail. I’ve gone and read over my contract countless times and have tried to find something online thru the Aaron’s website as well as other postings online regarding Aaron’s lack of professionalism. If I could have some direction that is useful I would be grateful.

  • Jaelynn

    Im renting the beats audio envy laptop (2 of them for my mother’s and I education). The first month was ok- 202.44$ isn’t all that bad. Something told me that I should’ve just bought two laptops from Walmart, I viewed my bill today on their website and it’s 308.64$. THE agreement was to pay on the first of every month, I get every other Thursday (they know this). Last month I paid it on the 5, the lady told me it wouldn’t be a late fee. Online however, not only do they not have any record indicating that I paid last month, but they are also charging me from June 15, not the first. This is so fucking ridiculous AND I called TODAY AT 1 and here it is 3:37 p.m. and I still haven’t received a call back from that rude jackass who hounded me yesterday and who randomly called today for payment. I’ve been looking up a way to just give these computers back, pay for them up front the remaining balance and be done with these criminals. My advice, buy your electronics so you won’t have to worry about hustlers finding ways to add money to their paychecks. I know the economy is bad but this is ridiculous man.

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