After submiting id also facebook account is locked

After submiting id also facebook account is locked 67.50% satisfaction rating from 8 complaints

I m Devanshi Sharma an active facebook user. 3 days back i changed my facebook email and password since i thought someone else is also acessing my accont. My account ws temporarily locked for 24hrs. And during this period someone else tried to open it witi the old id and password. My login id and password was successfully changed but someone else also claimed my account so my facebook account is locked. I was asked to submit my government issued id which i submitted but still it has been more than 48 hours and my account is still locked. I want my account back please help me out.

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One thought on “After submiting id also facebook account is locked

  • khan arshad

    We’ve received feedback that your account may not be real. Facebook is a community where people share and interact using their real identities. Facebook does not allow accounts that:

    Pretend to be someone else
    Use a fake name
    Don’t represent a real person

    In order to regain access to your account, please complete the following security check to verify your identity and help keep Facebook secure. …

    I’m getting this problem since morning…

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