illegal Charges to Credit Card

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Amazon charged illegally (or rather stole) my money on the first day of my credit card billing cycle for last month. Amazon was smart to do so because the victim I would only get a chance to know that my money has been stolen after one whole month when I receive my credit card bill. I ordered items from Amazon awhile back. However, I didn’t buy anything at anytime soon. It is weird for Amazon to start charging/stealing money from me, which is only special in that this day is the first day of my credit card billing cycle of for previous month! Some bad guys in Amazon intended/determined to steal.

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One thought on “ illegal Charges to Credit Card

  • amber

    DO NOT APPLY FOR ANY CREDIT CARDS ISSUED THROUGH GE MONEY, like the card. This bank has a history of randomly decreasing your credit limit, rendering your card as over the limit, as well as changing the interest rates without notification. Check out Consumer Affairs. I am having this issue with them currently.

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