AT&T DSL Internet Disconnect Problems

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Recently, I requested a MAC order to disconnect my existing DSL service and have new DSL service installed on my home phone line. The customer service representative was very happy to assist me in this request and told me the new DSL service would be up and running by Wednesday, November 2, 2011. It was. On November 10th I talked to Shawna from AT&T and had them disconnect my original DSL line, explaining to her I now had DSL service on my home phone line. She told me that would take a couple of days to take effect but they would pro-rate the disconnect to November 7th since I was already using the new service since November 2nd.

On Saturday, November 12th I lost both DSL services. When I called the tech services department on Monday, Ken told me he would find out what happened and call me back. I waited for his call and when he never returned the call I tried to call back. Unfortunately, not only was my DSL disconnected but now my home phone service was also disconnected. A tech came to my house on Tuesday to see why I was having DSL problems and told me there was nothing he could do without phone service. I finally got a hold of Jeremy at 10:45 for a reconnection.

He told me both lines were disconnected because I was deceased. I assured him I was not deceased and requested that the phone be reconnected. He did this and I was up and running within 30 minutes. Unfortunately, now my DSL was not. Jeremy didn’t know why this did not come back also and sent me to Sara who in turn sent me to Brad in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Brad could not figure out why the DSL was not working either and sent me to Jason in Texas. Jason worked on the problem for a while, could not get an answer and sent me to Martin in San Francisco. Mind you, it is now 12:07 PM. I have been talking on my cellular phone all the while and using up my minutes (by the way it is NOT an AT&T plan). Martin finally explained to me that when they reconnected my phone service even though I have the same phone number, I now have a new account number, which in turn needs a new DSL order to be completed. In light of this, he, being tech support, cannot complete that request and sent me back to Carla in Chicago.

Carla, I may add, should NOT be in customer service. She was the rudest person during this whole ordeal. As I told her my story and requested to have new DSL service on my new reconnected, old phone number, new account telephone line, she informed me that DSL was no longer available in my area. It was strange to me that I had just had DSL service two days prior to this. As I informed her of this she continued to talk, very loudly, over me and said I could not have my DSL back. I explained all my neighbors had DSL, how could this be? She said I would now have to get U Verse.

When I explained to her I didn’t want U Verse, I wanted DSL she told me I could not have it. After asking to speak to a supervisor and waiting another 20 minutes, she told me that one was not available to speak with and she would “see what she could do”. She came back on the line and informed me she would put in a request for the DSL to be enabled again in my home but would not have an answer for me until late Thursday, November 17, or Friday, November 18, morning. Mind you this is Tuesday, November 15.

I have been a satisfied AT&T customer up until now. I work from my home so not only am I unable to work, I could not receive any phone calls on Monday or Tuesday until around noon, and I have used my cellular phone minutes on basically one telephone call to AT&T that lasted 2 hours. I would hope you would reconfigure your customer service to have it done locally again. In fact, Steve, another AT&T rep called from the Philippines on Wednesday night trying to get me some answers! Unfortunately, he couldn’t either.

Jeff, the local tech who did come to my house was the most helpful representative in this scenario; one man out of six representatives in five states and over seas who was able to explain and help me.

Of course Friday came and left. I finally called Internet Services on Friday, November 18, at 6:00 p.m. Veronica, in the Chicago office, was more than happy to set up new DSL service for me. Unfortunately, she was unable to have it “installed” until Monday, November 28th at 8:00 p.m.

Not only did Carla, who told me I could not have DSL because it was no longer available in my area, did not return my call as she said she would, she also gave me false information that I could not longer have DSL and I now have to wait another week before it is installed. I feel if I would have placed the order on Tuesday when this all happened, I could have been up and running the week of November 21st instead of waiting another week.

After going to my local library to check my email, since I had no internet service, I found that AT&T had sent me a customer satisfaction survey. Only after filling it out with all dissatisfied responses did Nick, a representative call me on November 21st to see why I was dissatisfied. I told him my whole story but of course he could offer me nothing except sorry for my inconvenience.

Well, Monday, November 28th comes, still no new modem/router sent by AT&T. Finally at 4:00 UPS delivers the modem while a tech is here. He connects it and everything seems to be working fine. Tuesday and Wednesday everything is working fine. I am able to connect to work from my home. Thursday comes. I am able to work until 8:30 PM when the modem shuts down and gives me an error page saying something is in the DSL line/filter. I call tech support. 45 minutes later the tech, Don, ticket #G02398027, is able to reset the modem remotely. At 11:00 PM it happens again. I call tech support again, ticket #G02410072, but this time the technician tells me its outside my house on the DSL line after he had already “pinged” the modem. How can he ping the modem if there is a problem at the box outside the house? So, needless to say, I lost an hour of work time due to this outage.

I decided to trouble shoot myself. I unplugged the modem, waited the standard 15-20 seconds, and restarted my computer and it worked fine. Friday evening I decided to use my laptop to go online. Again, the modem would not recognize my wireless laptop. I had to restart the modem to reconfigure it. That worked. I feel the problem is in this modem not in my DSL line/filter. I had this line and filter since the end of October without a line problem. I have researched online thinking maybe I needed a firmware update or software update but couldn’t find any. Most of the forums I was able to read on say this is a bad modem with nothing but problems. Personally, I think it is much slower than my original DSL service.

On Sunday, December 4th I received my AT&T U verse statement. It has charges of $183.30 for service dates of 11/28 to 11/30/2011. On November 18th at 6:00 PM when I spoke with Veronica from the Chicago office to set up my service, she told me the charges would be $19.95 a month for 12 months and that AT&T would waive the modem fee of $100 because I told her I had a modem and didn’t need a new one. I was also charged a $36.00 activation fee, which if AT&T hadn’t disconnected me because I was deceased, I would never have lost my original DSL service to start with!!

I spoke with Donna Dunigan on Monday, December 5th, from Chicago. Explained my billing concerns and she referred this issue to her supervisor, Mrs. Cox, who is to return my call within 24 hours. She did explain to me that the service was at $19.95 a month ($43.00 fee plus $23.05 bill credit). Although I was charged $4.30 for November 28-30. $19.95 a month divided by 30 days is only $2.01 NOT $4.30.

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