AT&T U Verse Sucks

AT&T U Verse Sucks 20.00% satisfaction rating from 2 complaints

I am an AT&T wireless iphone user, but never used AT&T’s other services before and I wanted to give AT&T internet a try. I Received the first bill and found out the monthly price is higher than expected. Called AT&T U-Verse customer service immediately and was told they can not honor the gift card promotion which was promised earlier. I started to get credit collection agency calls for owning AT&T money, I was shocked after all my stress they continued to screw me over. AT&T either does not train the representatives sufficiently or they are instructed to mislead customers. What I get is time and aggravation spent talking to representatives to address the issue.

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3 thoughts on “AT&T U Verse Sucks

  • E.gonzalez

    O.K. you guys. Please bother to read the Policy or Terms or Agreement or whatever they call that rag that U-verse posts. It should send shivers up your spine. Find and read the part that deals with giving up your rights on computer privacy, (affiliates can do, as they want within your computer), you waved your rights. Read the print! They state that when U-verse becomes available in your area that they will cancel your DSL service and offer U-crap. Also if you’re lucky enough to have on premises device(s) installed, (that they need for distributing the signals to other locations), that you will be solely responsible for maintaining power to the device(s) and that certain devices that require expensive battery’s, will be supplied by you and that if you don’t, you will be held liable! Read the print! In addition, they make you waive your rights to class action lawsuits. Read the print! Can you believe that they are trying to serve the public? Moreover, they state that you cannot have any other service at your residence, such as Dish or any Sat, Cable, DVRs nor? Read the print! In other words, they strike you out of the picture. You will sign yourself into a willing victim, why, why, why . . . Because you did not read the dam print! Actually, it is interesting to read, but … is this policy even legal?

  • sad att

    ATT is a shitty money sucker. I was originally on the $19.99 plan. They keep on massy up my bills. On going for about 6 months. I’ve been calling them just about every 2 wks. Don’t know yet if it’s settled by now. Anyway, now my current monthly is $33.00 instead of $19.99 Don’t deal with these idiots. Each time I call. They say, they will fix it. But things would get worse. DON’T DEAL with ATT !!!!!!!!!!!! @#$%^&*(*&^%$#@#$%^&*())(*#$%^

  • Jessica

    I was told I would get the premium package with HD/internet for 93.00 total. While confirming my order I specifically asked what my first bill would be.I was told 126.78 including the installation fee. Upon recipet of 1st letter confirming installation I called and spoke with Elsa who assured me my 1st bill was now $150.70. I have had the service less then a month and now owe $175.40. The installer claimed I never signed up for HD, didnt have service the 1st night because there was problems with the outside signal COMPLETE SCAM!!! I would never recommend uverse to anyone. They are all complete liars. For 1 month service I will end up paying $175.40. When you call them they are rude and state thats the bill “sorry”.. I have already disconnected service. Installed January 16th dicsonnect 2/8.

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