Autopage Cellular of South Africa

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After complaining to autopage about charging my account for sending filthy sms to the phone that my wife is using, they offered to refund only half my money. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I have never subscribed to any such nasty service, can you imagine a 54 yrs old lady who is deeply involved with her church to receive adult messages on her phone. I will not stop until they refund me with ALL THE MONEY that they have taken out of my bank account without my permission. SHAME ON YOU AUTOPAGE, I hope that THE CROOKS OF SMART CALL that you work with and line each others pockets will jam your mother’s cell phones with the same filthy nasty sms in order to understand how I feel.

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  • Shirley

    I have a contract with Virgin Mobile that was suppose to end by April this year, from May they have been deducting the money and I visited their site stores to enquire about my account status and they advised me to call the cancelation department as they are unable to carry out such services. I have been calling to cancel my account till current I haven’t got any assistance. I would wait more than 45min on phone before I get attended to by the consultants who kept on making unfulfilled promises and always offering inconsistence information. From August I stopped putting the money on the account they use for payments and they stopped sending the airtime instead they sent the threatening sms that they gonna record my profile on credit bureau-no direct information of some sort. I then called again to ask the report and direction to follow appropriate procedures to settle the amount as they are claiming that they cannot cancel the account since I have three month outstanding payments however the monthly installment is still accumulated to the debt. I have been requesting and waiting for account statement/report and nothing has happened till to date. Since more than 4 consulted had promised to email it me the statement until to date nothing has ever happened. I also have filed the request on their CUSTOMER CARE site for assistance no one has ever called me back or reply to my concern. I kindly need an advice as VIRGIN MOBILE is proven to me that it is very unfaithful and untrustworthy business to its customers since there is no transparency, informative correspondence instead inconsistence, unreliability and infidelity from their consultants and team leaders. The service is not flexible as onsite stores are of no assistance to customers; moreover reaching cancellation department is not an easy endeavor. In conclusion, I did not find Virgin Mobile having interest to its customers except unlawful money making business pursuit. I need this issue to be resolved and my rights to be protected as soon as possible.. Please help. 0835815234

  • senzo maxwell

    This is the third time I’m sending this email,if I’m sending to the wrong department please direct me to the relevant one.I have a contract with autopage cellular where they have been debit ting at end of the month so now I would like them to deduct on the 15th as my pay day have changed from the monthend to the 15th of every month from now onward

  • Sophie

    To whom it may corncern. Sophie Leander I would like to transfer airtime how do I register to transfer airtime

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