Bad Service at CVS Pharmacy Store

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i was at the cvs store in dundalk and there was a box of makeup on the floor with stickers marked 50-75% off. i took to the counter and she told me some one put the stickers on them and i told the cashier that there was a big box of makeup on the floor and they have stickers on all of them. she told me that there was no way they are 50-75% off and i asked her to check with someone in management. she asked a girl who was sitting on the floor doing i don’t know what and she told the cashier that they go back. I said then they shouldn’t be on the floor and i got a attitude for saying that..i go to the cvs pharmacy store on wise ave all the time but you just lost a customer.

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2 thoughts on “Bad Service at CVS Pharmacy Store

  • Larry Larkin

    I use to buy all my drugs at the local CVS Pharmacy, but when I wrote a check (with my name, address and ect. on it) they wanted to see my drivers license to get proof of who I was. I refuse to go back to CVS on this account. They had been selling me drugs for years and had all the info they needed.

  • wise patient

    Consumers should be aware how professionals are spoiled and buy medicines from such offenseful pharmacist who, Failed to maintain a standard of practice of the profession.-Failed to keep records as required respecting his patients. -Submitted an account or charge for services that he knew to be false or misleading. -Contravened the Pharmacy Act, the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act, the Regulated Health Professions Act or the regulations under those Acts. -Contravened, while engaged in the practice of pharmacy any federal or provincial law or municipal by-law with respect to the distribution, sale or dispensing of any drug or mixture of drugs. The Ontario College of Pharmacists’ decision of discipline was just few months suspension.

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