Bank of America: branch manager bad attitude

Bank of America: branch manager bad attitude 73.33% satisfaction rating from 6 complaints

My Name is Miss YUk Ping Lau, I’m your PLATINUM account holder. I want to complaint your Bank of America the banking center manager ,she call Chanthu Thach. She works in the 1515 Broadway, Sacramento, CA95818.

I call her for complaint one staff today, Chanthu is very impatient listen to me , she didn’t let me talk finish and always disturb me. She didn’t allow me talk finish she hang up the phone ready. She is too bad attitude , very unrespect to customer .

I ‘m incredibale your Bank of Amrica is the greater bank in California , But Why your stuff treat customer so bad service?

I have other bank account, like Chase, their customer service very good. I write this complaint letter, I hope you concern my feeling and improve your customer service. Thank you for your kindly attention.

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