Bank of America Mortgage Preapproval Letter

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I called Bank of America home mortgage and specifically asked them for instruction for getting a pre-approval letter in April. They told me to go to one of the Local Bank Branch (emeryville) and the Associate there will guide me through it. So I brought W2 form, paycheck stubs..and financial documents (I did research on the internet). The associate there just made phone call to the home loan officers, and let me talk with them on the phone. They only pulled out my credit score, asked about my income, but didnt ask for any other documents such as w2 form or past 3 month pay checks(maybe he saw the direct deposit when they pulled out my bank of america account profile.)

I was confused at this point, and double chekced if he really didnt need to see my w2 forms or other document to issue the preapproval letter. Then I got a prequalification letter, which wasnt strong enough to when I tried to make an offer. I called few days ago, the person who issue me the letter never pick up the phone(he never did after that day), and replied email slowly, and no direct answer to questions or ignored my request without giving reasons. Finally he got back to me yesterday on Email. He said that prequalification letter is the Bank of America preapproval letter. They call it differently. However, on the letter, it clearly stated it’s a prequalification letter.

I checked with him and my agent back and forth (since he replied so slowly) and found out it really isnt a preapproval letter until someone showed me a real preapproval letter. And I sent it to him, ask him if he can reissue one for me without checking my credit score again. I was thinking if it necessary, I dont mind to email him other documents that he didnt used in April. But he said he couldnt make one and suggest me to contact the loan officer in the Email this morning. So..who is he? Why did he even answer the phone and take my case if he cant issue a Bank of America preapproval letter when I said that’s what I needed.

It really wasted me a lot of time, gas, energy, and some good opportunities to buy a house in the past two months.

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