Bank of America Slow Short Sale Worth Nothing

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I have been trying to complete a short sale with Bank of America department since April 2011 and as of November 2011, my realtor is running out of time and money. Everytime I start talking with one person and the next day your file will be sent over to someone else and you have to start all over with faxing and trying to get your property sold. I have had four buyers for my home, but because of the run around with Bank of America three buyers have walked away because Bank of America taken so long with responding to the offers, by the time they do respond to the offer, the buyer has to go back to the bank to request several more updated letters to show the funds are still available for the sale.

Then Bank of America will assign another person to the account and all paper work has to start over. With all the time wasted, I can not afford the high monthly payments, so I am guessing to get this house sold Bank of America is waiting on Jesus himself to come down and give The Last Supper AGAIN to get this house sold. God Please, bless this message and get this over and done with.

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