Best Buy Poor In Store Customer Service

Best Buy Poor In Store Customer Service 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

BEST BUYS COMPLAINT. I waited from 9:45 in my car until the store opened. Went directly to the TV section to purchase a TV set. It is now 5 mins later and I ask an employee if he could help me, he then call someone on his employee phone, 5 minutes I was still waiting, I ask him is somebody coming he call again. I waited again another 5 minutes, than said him if anybody was working. He left, then came back to tell me the person he talk to was with someone else and I would have wait. There is no one in the store, the store is not busy it is how 10:20. The employee who told me I had to wait, NEVER ask if he could help me OR ask what the question.

was. Now I am to believe that at 10:05 in the morning there is only 1 person that can help with TVs and he has been with this customer for 15 minutes and agoring me. I pick out a TV with no help from anyone in the best buy’s in secaucus. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM BEST BUYS IN SECAUCUS if you can not get help at 10.05 in the morning when they are only open 5 minutes, than I can not amagine ever getting service when there Might be busy.

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