Beware is not Safe

Beware is not Safe 80.00% satisfaction rating from 2 complaints

beware on you are not safe. when entering this domain be extremely cautious. here is what you can experience and not even know it. your privacy is not protected what so ever and it should be. there should be a law against such acts. also there is a women’s plea to okcupid to remove predators off the site that are sexual harrassing her but the company has done nothing so far.

how can this be allowed on a dating site???…okcupid should be responsible and also the users that are abusing the site should be held responsible as well…this is horrible and what if children viewed this being that it’s a public site???

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14 thoughts on “Beware is not Safe

  • Bunni

    I met my current boyfriend on OKC in 2009….back then, the site didn’t have too many hacking issues. But now, it’s getting to a fever pitch of scariness. My boyfriend deactivated his account, yet for some reason when you type the URL to his profile it says that it’s still active and his profile can only be seen by current OKC members. He’s always been honest so I doubt he’s lying to me about his account being deactivated. Also, it is possible that he’s forgotten to deactivate his Plentyoffish account too, and the interface to that site is easily corruptable.

  • Clyde

    @Bunni I’ve used this site and deactivated my account then gone back. It gives an option to deactivate and to close your account. Deactivate means the profile still exists but should not show up to other members. So, if you want to come back and reactivate your profile you can. If you Close it, it is permanently gone. If he did not close the account and has other open profiles on other dating sites I would say follow your gut. As for being honest, it can seem like honesty if you are blind to the facts. Facts and truth are not the same.

  • DPC

    FYI – I deleted my account months ago – FULL deletion, not the ‘deactivate’ version. Trying to log in, a message is then presented saying “Sorry, your account was deleted”. That could be in order to prevent others from using that precise username. It is possible he did fully delete his account.

  • Cheryl

    Most of the men on there are looking for one night stands. They are all very very creepy!!!!

  • Mary Kay Ruedisale

    I feel that I am the victum of a online dating scam from a person in Madrid, Spain he is asking me to send him $3000. and i told him that I did not have the money, he istists that he is the person on the picture, but I am very skeptical. Because it is wrong to ask for money on these dating sites if he does not stop I will call the authorites because I have had enough. Please do something about this I work for the State Government, and I’m sure that the State’s Attorney General will come and shut the site down, for mis-representation . Thank yu Mary K. Ruedisale

  • Wade Thomas

    Mary Kay – It is a scam. Mine started out as $500 and wound up 3,500.89. They say to deposit the check into your account and send the money to them. However, in about four to eight weeks you have a notice that you have beedn charged with insufficient funds. Luckilhy I recognized the scam before it went anywhere. I destroyed the check, sent her a message telling her that and never heard anything else from her. She said she was stranded in the Phiippines. Don’t fall for it! Hope this has reached you in time!

  • gio

    i cannot reach my account in okcupid, i’ve tried evrything, clreaning the browser, try on other browsers as well but no luck, i’ve send messages to but i haven’t receive any answer yet.

  • Cat Harrod

    This site and pof and Match are all full of the same loser men looking for a one-night stand or money a lot of them have profiles on all the sites. Almost all I respond to turn out to be losers. I have gone on two dates from OKC and both have been bad people one goes by the name Christian Colucci (Italiano guy, reconsniper032,usmcbjw0321 )says he owns businesses in the Raleigh Nc area his name is really Brandon James Wynn he is a waiter with a criminal record for larceny and is a child sexual predator, on probation and lives in a halfway house called Oxford house in Raleigh NC doesnt even have a car! the other CTguy 44 named Fred Brinker is a serial dater who pretends to like you until you dont sleep with him then he’s gone both of these reported for pictures (nude) and misconduct to Ok Cupid nothing has been done by the company. I agree they are liable and all should stay away!!

  • Linh

    Yeah but just as a caveat to that, on etsy, you can’t leave fecabdek if you had to cancel a transaction. In January I ordered a dress to be custom made and delivered to me by mid July. The seamstress did great work, had like 110 positive reviews. Came time to deliver it, she gave me THREE different runaround excuses on three different dates why it wasn’t shipped. I was moving and I needed the dress before I moved and explained that to her and it was just bullshit after bullshit. Finally, I told her I didn’t believe the dress was even made and I just wanted a refund, which lit a fire under her ass and she finally sent me pictures of it completed and swore she’d overnight it. So she finally sent it out but rather than overnighting it through FedEx, she sent it priority mail through THE GREEK POST OFFICE. And couldn’t tell me who was supposed to deliver it to me in the U.S. She thought USPS but didn’t know. Greek shipping stopped tracking it the day it left their warehouse. For FOUR DAYS I didn’t know where my dress was (did I mention this was my wedding dress? MY WEDDING DRESS!!) and had no way of tracking it. I posted on a forum about this and got FLOODED with messages of girls who had put in orders with her and gotten the same runaround and finally had to cancel their orders because by the time they actually got the dress, it would be too late. Once they canceled their orders, they couldn’t leave fecabdek. Who KNOWS how many girls this has happened to, because the only ones who can leave fecabdek are the ones who actually get their dresses!Luckily, I did get mine literally THE DAY BEFORE WE MOVED. I had written it off at that point and assumed it was just lost and I’d have to buy a replacement in the three weeks until my wedding. An unexpected knock at the door from DHL of all places, and there was my dress. And it was beautiful but OMG if I didn’t lose a few years off my life in that fiasco. So, fecabdek helps, but it’s just something to consider. Knowing what I know now I would never rely on something important like that to come from an etsy seller, regardless of how good the fecabdek is.

  • cajunsweety

    Beware of “singledad770″ he came on strong saying he was from Austria but working on an off shore oil rig in the Atlantic so this would effect the internet, email, phone and texts. He worked strange hours but would make time with me just enough to keep me with him. He said his wife died of breastcancer and now he was taken care of his daughter. Her name was Pilly and his Basti Leland. Very shortly after we started chatting he sent me a questionaire about my future as well as his phone number, which was a local one mind you. He never told me his address but gave me an area that i could look into. He played on my Christianity and my sorrows of going through divorce. He sent me a Shell Oil Contract that was going to set US up. He started calling me his wife. He asked for 1800.00 to help submit all paperwork to China. When i said no, all the sudden the questionaire of my own words were turned to use against me to guilt me. It did not work. This guy is ruthless. I have tried to get his profile removed, but to no avail. He needs to be stopped.

  • Anonymous

    Brandon James Wynn is an amazing guy. I have know him for years. His legal name is Christian. He was adopted. Taken away as a young child by CPS. Almost died, he is a blessing too many. His adopted name is Christian. This person is upset at men in general. This guy( Italiano) is the best man I have know my whole life. Everyone adores and loves him.

  • Candice Pierson

    Brandon James Wynn is an amazing guy. I have know him for years. His legal name is Christian. He was adopted. Taken away as a young child by CPS. Almost died, he is a blessing too many. This peson is upset at men in general. This guy( Italiano) is the best man I have know my whole life. Everyone adores and loves him.

  • Raymond Pratt

    I opened up an account recently with OKCupid. Within 12 hours of doing so, I found that I could not access it anymore. The site showed a default to technical problems that has existed ever since. This all leads me to believe me to believe that OKCupid is farming information (and they do ask for a tremendous amount!) perhaps to sell to marketers. This has destroyed my faith in online dating sites, I want nothing to do with them anymore. Stay away from OKCupid, I am sure it is a scam.

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