Black Mulch Shortage at Walmart Home and Garden Section

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In Friday, 03/23/12 at 13.58, I purchased 8 bags of black mulch at the price of $3.15 a bag. I entered the store from the gardening side and checked the mulch I wanted, the least expensive one. Usually you have a letter attached so that it is easy for the clerk to look up when you make the purchase. I checked the availability of the mulch and estimated 12 or 13 bags remained. I bought several other items and went to the garden center to check out.

The check out went fine. The mulch showed as being available and I went for help in loading. I was told that the mulch was no longer available. The Walmart associate pointed to a running truck without a driver and told me this sman was buying the mulch as we spoke. I had already bought and paid for the mulch. I asked to speak to a manager and one was brought within a reasonable amount of time. I explained the problem and showed him my receipt.

He said there had been a mistake and the mulch was no longer available and I should go back into the store and get a refund. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted mulch. I am 71 years old 4 ft, 6 inches tall and not able to spread my own mulch and had already arranged for my granddaughter to help me the next day. I know some about computers since I have worked with them my entire life. My sale would have been stopped at the point of sale at the register if the mulch was not available.

This manager knows that the mulch was loaded without being paid for either with the help of your associate or without his knowledge. I believe he had knowledge since he pointed out the running truck to me with the mulch on it. I understand how this could happen, but do not believe it is fair and I would never do this, load an unpaid for product into my vehicle. I play by the rules. I was not offered a rain check, I was not offered a more expensive mulch, (you had one for $3.67).

I would have bought the more expensive mulch if the Associate at the point of sale had told me the other wasn’t available. I believe your manager or manager’s assistantknew the mulch was illegally loaded, but would rather deal with a 71 year old, short woman than he would the man who had loaded the mulch onto his truck before he paid for it. I was upset and probably makeing a scene in a busy store, but I did not use any profanity or other nasty words.

The manager or assistant manager told me to wait in my car and he would obtain my refund the bring it to me which he did. I know he did this because he wanted no more scene in his store from me. I have been a a good customer and I will not say I will no longer buy from WalMart. Your success does not depend upon me anyway. I am a small person and have a small voice in the common scheme of things. I believe this could have been handled in a better manner. I was right in this case.

The person who had loaded the mulch was behind me in line and probably could not have paid for the mulch until my refund went through. That was why the manager was so eager to do the refund himself. I am tired of people thinking that because we are old, we are stupid. I would bet you I have twice the brains of this manager, because I would never let an older customer, leave my store unhapppy. Older people buy lots of things including things from the pharmacy.

My asthma medications run me $365.00 every three months and that is with Anthem Blue Cross coverage. Stupid, Stupid man. Last year in November, I bought a computer, and two Amazon Kindle Fire,s for my granddaughters. At Walmart. Won’t be doing so this year.

Thank you for listening to my vent. I feel better for having let you know. Sincerely, Judith Edwards.

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One thought on “Black Mulch Shortage at Walmart Home and Garden Section

  • jim bishop

    went to walmart store3185 in corner brook nl purchased wipers for car they were marked down from to 12..88 roll back when i checked for the size i noticed a white lable placed over the roll back sticker which said anniversary sale price 13.00 how could this be a sale when it is more than the roll back price .i asked aperson in mang position about it she said as long as the rollback pricecame up on the register it was ok .she also said it was not her dept so she couldnt do anything about it very poor service and customer relations ; now a former walmart shopper.

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