Chase Bank Fraud with Home Mortgage Foreclosure

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My daughter has also had trouble with Chase and from the beginning I told her not to do business with them, cause they were so inept when we were selling them the house. They kept calling me every other day to send more information and payoff information and they already had it. You could never get the same person twice and they seemed stupid to me. Now after she has paid them on time, they reported her to the credit bureau and threaten forclosure on them. They also said the money went to a different account. She has proof that it has been paid and faxed them the information, in the mean time she is a basket case and it is challenging her health.

They have gotten help from the government and I thought the Bank’s could not take advantage of the average person, my daughter has had credit problems in the past and they know this and have intimadated her now because of her past problems. They are certainly some bank to stay away from…..they have a license to be a crook…………..She hasn’t got the money for an attorney and now that they have ruined her credit further, no bank is going to consider her for a loan….Help please with some answers…

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One thought on “Chase Bank Fraud with Home Mortgage Foreclosure

  • Margaret Chabot

    Takeing over a Fraud Loan of Wells Fargo to Bear Stearns and EMC to Chase Bank. Loan Number 17542457 and Loan # of Resoution trust Corp 707-00430 Wells Fargo had Roland Chabot Married to a man and that Margaret Chabot had quick claimed he property which she did not and my husband was never married to a man. All Fraud over the loan with Wells Fargo NA Wells Fargo Services Consmer Loan Serviceing P.O. Box 3155 Billing MT 59107 Documents 2005-0704912 and Wells Fargo Bank NA Wells Fargo Equity Direct 2202 W. Rose Garden La Phoenix, az 85027 Substitute Trustee Wells Fargo NA we dont need a trustee on our money they need to turn over our money 1-866-275-9138 out of the loan only we had taken out on our property at 4195 Mt vernon Ave Riverside ca 92507 $315, thousand only $99 thousand was paid off we have creditors slapping leans on our other property and chase is letting them take our saveing accounts and holding money in supends.

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