Complaint about Best Buy Geek Squad

Complaint about Best Buy Geek Squad 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

bought desktop that was suppose to be set up to run with specific settings. then i was called stating the computer was ready for pick up, but while at the geek squad counter, i asked for them to test it in order to know if everything was set up properly. they refused, and stated “i assume everything should work as you requested”. got home and immediately found out it was a total lie! went back to have them reconfigure system, and they claimed that the front panel must be defective, and sent it back to the manufacturer for repair.

when the computer came back, there was no change in performance, the same problems still existed, and filed complaint with the better business bureau to give credit for replacement due to lack of in ability to fix the problems. best buy responded that the purchase was made too long ago to do anything but to try to fix it! so, had to stop making payments, and took it to an “real” electronic repair shop to fix it. a few days later, the repair shop states:”software drivers are out dated, and need to be replaced”the front panel is fine, it’s the start up switch that’s defective. wonder how come this “geek squad” could not find and fix these exact problems is beyond realism!

ever since best buy bought the private firm the “geek squad”, and rehashed their operations has just ruined their reputation! might as well call them the “freak squad” we can try to fix your problems, but more likely make them worse! sure we’ll charge you to fix it, and then we’ll charge you even more while we figure out how to easily fix it without any gaurantees that it’ll even work once you take it away.

so, my suggestions are:
a: buy items that don’t need to be set up, and work immediately when they are turned on.
b: don’t buy their extended warranty mainly because you’re just asking for trouble when it needs to be fixed!
c: if you’re not completely happy with any product within the first two weeks after purchase, then take it back immediately.
ask for a refund, not store credit, or even a replacement.

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