Complaints about Nickelodeon Cartoons on TV

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the only thing my kids are upset about is that they now have like 3-4 channels that have to do with nickelodeon.that’s not the complaint however, what they are upset about is that there are nicktoons,which the entire family loves. unfortunately they now have everything on nicktoons but cartoons! what the heck?! darke and josh, the samuri power rangers and every other show that is’nt a cartoon should not be on this channel. that’s why there is teen-nick,regular nickelodeon,and nick-at-nite to put these show much as we love drake and josh, neds declassified, and zoey 101 there are channels for them.

this is ridiculos and we have since stopped watching the nickelodeon channels all together. seeing how each channel plays the same thing we’re all sick of it and have stopped watching. that’s our complaint and hopefully sometime in the future nickelodeon will see their many errors.

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7 thoughts on “Complaints about Nickelodeon Cartoons on TV

  • Adam sama

    Why would they put powerrangers back on tv its a crappy show n its the stupidest concept there should be more dbz or avatar on

  • Amy Trujillo

    Ok my son is 5 years old and he really enjoys watching Songebob and Fred. I recently walked in on the episode of Fred and I dont think that a kid show should have a young boy in it that acts and talks in that kind of way. I dont think it is leaving a good expample for him and as well as other kids. I also have noticed that Spongebob had an episode about Patrick and Spongebob being parents to a baby clam, that show came across very homosexual and I do not appriciate Nickolodeon showing shows like this on tv for my young son to see.

  • dude]

    true true, and Amy you’re right its completely messed up, and also for the person who did the complaint LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

  • nick at night

    I think it is a shame at the language that is on nickolodeon i was just watching and i could not believe my ears. My son will not be aloud to watch nick any longer. This is suppose to be a kids channel and the words spoke is very much uncalled for. Thats whats wrong with these kids today,the shows we let our kids watch. I will be praying that who ever is making these shows and who ever produces and films this mess that there hearts be changed.

  • Marcellus A. McCoy

    I love my cartoons and I must say this. You guys are messing up. First were are the new showa and second why is it every time the listing is wrong. I looking forward too seeing Barman beyond and I’m looking at the Avatar. Come on fix it!!!! My next move will be A Thousand Letters too Comcast.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you, however, there is a channel called Nick Jr. that have children’s
    shows for your child to watch that are cartoons.

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