Comwave Home Phone Service Scam

Comwave Home Phone Service Scam 84.62% satisfaction rating from 13 complaints

Comwave is a total scam. I signed up for their home phone service last week, and I just got this emailed contract today. They sent by email a multi-year contract and it seems like a totally one sided contract to me. No cancellation, lots of hidden fees, don’t like it one bit! What about if I don’t even get proper service? What about if they don’t treat their customers with respect? I looked around and more people have problems with this too, and am finding many complaints. Anybody else have problems with Comwave phone services?

I have phone service from comwave and some time ago I changed my contract to yearly but after 2 years when I tried to cancel that they said it is automatically renewed for another year and if I need to cancel that I have to pay for remaining months. They asked me to call back after 5 months to cancel. When I called after 5 months they said it is renewed for 2 years so I have to pay for remaining 12 months …. what a scam is this company!!!

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18 thoughts on “Comwave Home Phone Service Scam

  • Anonymous

    This company is a complete rip off. I would never refer my worst enemy to them. If you are not pleased with them and you want to go back to your original company, you have to pay$50.00 for each number if you want to keep that number.
    If you are one day late with payment you are suspended. Too many hidden fees.
    Worst company ever for your home phone. STAY AWAY

  • Doru

    I had a very bad experience with Comwave and my advice to you is avoid them. They advertise a free 6 months free trial, the first 3 you can cancel without questions. Guess what? They charge you $50 for that without tell you first when you join. The connections were very bad most of the time, the other parties couldn’t hear me properly (I have Panasonic Phone sets, 2 years old). The modem is taking down the Internet upload/download speed even when I don’t talk over the phone. For long distance calls I called them to ask about the rates if I simply dial the number without any long distance plan. They told me it was 3 cents per minute. Guess what? They charged me 20 cents per minute almost 7 times more. I called them and they agreed to credit me but only to my account. When I told them I cancelled the service with them they said they cannot credit me under the circumstances. I had to escalate to get from them the promise they’ll reimburse the difference. When I joined I specifically asked them not to charge any invoice to my credit card. Guess what, they charged my credit card I used to pay for the modem shipment. The superior manager told me that they only charge credit cards, they don’t have any other payment method, though the call centre and the supervisor admitted their mistake and they said the bankk account is available for payments. Bottom line: they cheat you and they make you’re life miserable on your hard earned money.

  • John Stevenson

    I hate this company with the worse customer service and very poor line. Just once the get your credit card they will charge left and right .that is why the ask you first for 13.56 charge on your credit card to send u the device after that once they have your card number then that is it

  • Crimewave stopper

    I was contacted by Comwave they called to welcome me to Comwave. They said I had switched my long distance lines to them. I never did nor did anyone call to ask me if I wanted the service. They did agree to cancel it immediately but informed me I had to get my long distance lines back by calling my provider until then I wouldn’t be able to make long distance calls. Has anyone had this happen to them?

  • TNS

    Never try to join. They are worst and best cheaters. They don’t hold promises. There bills are always high and bill you as much they can. Phone Quality – Its to the Dogs level. They claim internet speed is slow. I have high speed what else they want? Please go give a dam yes to their service

  • mike

    i am working with COMWAVE… we offer this service for 3 months trail period.. if you like our service after using it practically .. then keep else you can return it in 90 days trail period.. but if you are happy with our service and you wana keep it… then this is a 3 years contract service. if you want to cancel it after using it one year or 5 months.. you will pay for remaining days on basis of contract.. we clarify every one before giving him/her comwave home phone.. there are no hidden charges.. and it is totally free for 3 months trail period. just shipment charges will be paid and that are 12$.. In 19.95$ you can make call any every in canada long and local distance both, with this many other features like voice mail, do not disturb , call waiting etc all free and included.. then why not to try it at least ..

  • anderson

    this is the best service ever i used y people r abusing the best service , some leading companies trying to put this service down….i wanna u ll to get aware of voip services and start to have smart service and save lot of dollrs …if u doesnt belive me go on for free trial pack

  • satnam

    comwave is a scam, bad service, they promise free trial service, but when you cancel they apply lot of fees hidden of course, and you know when they charge your credit card. no one ever should sign up for comwave

  • Farah

    I am an ex=employee of Comwave. First of all as for the address they are located at 61 Wildcat Rd. North York (Toronto) ONT. The owners park lamborgini, Ferrari, Poesche, Bentley and they pay us 11$ per hour. Then they steal from our paycheck hours, we basically work with almost no breaks. How do you want customer service to be under this working conditions? Now ex colegues are telling me that Comewave is moving their Customer Service in Guatemala so good luck guys. Farking dirty job enviroment, people woth no criminal background check working there, and I advise you to get the hell out of there scam! If they were worth something they would first pay theis Sales and Customer Service dept, would not move the whole CSR in Guatemala, and now I hear they are firing all Sales as they are moving sales in Guatemala.

  • Nilou

    Comwave is worst and best cheater. Some one from Comwave called me told about the same offer, he said you can have this service for free for 3 months without any payment or credit card information. After receiving my information like name and date of birth and address checked my credit without any permit to do that. Then the day after called me asked for credit card information or $ 50 before sending anything! Do not trust them! Do not believe their lies.

  • Jay

    Please be aware of these conditions….

    2.09 Subscriber’s Right to Terminate Services and Early Cancellation

    (c) The Subscriber acknowledges that Comwave Services are provided on a best-efforts basis and lack of service or poor quality is not grounds for contract termination. Subscriber must allow Comwave reasonable time to diagnose and correct any problems that have been reported and documented by the customer to Comwave. If the problem cannot be corrected within thirty-days of the initial report by the Subscriber, the Subscriber may elect to terminate his contract without penalty or liability providing Comwave with written notice of his intent to cancel. Where Comwave has determined that the problem is not the fault of Comwave but rather with the Subscriber, his equipment, Internet, phone lines, connectivity and the like, then ECF shall apply.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE PLEEEAASSSE do not use this! It is a total nightmare. Just like the previous user said, the cancellation process is ridiculous. I even spoke with the manager, and they went round and round about the problem. I was charged a $108 and they refused to give back the deposit fee!!! PLEASE save yourself the hassle. This company is so ridiculous! They advertise a lot for the Asian population (on chinese newspapers) and please do not go for it. The company will do nothing good for you.

  • Anthony

    COMWAVE IS A GIANT FRAUD COMPANY AND THEY JUST DO ONE SIDED CONTRACT…. I have decided to take them to court for this fraudulent activity and none of their staff members can understand or speak English and that is why they hire intentionally those people who can not speak clear English , uneducated with no sense of humor staff they have….COMWAVE IS A BIG FRAUD COMPANY AND I WOULD ASK PEOPLE TO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FRAUD COMPANY .

  • Tessi

    WOW, I was actually considering comwave. But after just hearing what you and some others have said with their experiences, I think i’ll pass and stick to the one I have. Thanks for informing us :)

  • dave

    comwave is a scam, bad service, they got nothing to safe dont talk to comwave..comwave make promise with people get money and ur money stay away from comwave.gud luck everybody

  • Noel

    Before my contact expire( for 3 years) I sent them email on March 2012 thru their website not to put me in AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. My contract expired on 2012. On 2013 of July I decided to cancell …that was fine, until I learned that they charged me for early cancellation, I am not aware that I have a contract with them for another year(to be expired this coming December 2013) my mistake I put my payment in automatic widrawal on my visa…lesson 101!!. PEOPLE STAY AWAY!!!!! from comwave.

  • Jessica

    Just finish to talk with them,, they dont even had someone who speak en french , and finally they charge me 300$ for cancelling…Wath the hell what can i do ? Justice?

  • Pauline

    stay away from this company. Service was bad, poor customer service and staff did not speak English properly. Within the three months I cancelled the service and returned their equipment. To my dismay, they did not return my deposit but charged my credit card $300 plus for early cancellation when I was promised no charge within the first three months. I will never give any company automatic deductions again. DONT JOIN THIS COMPANY

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