CVS Staff in the Pharmacy are Rude

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My sister and I have been purchasing a pint of liquid vitamin c-brand name Rx Choice at least once a month (each of us). The price was never consistant one time it would be 14.00,the next it would be 16.00. I finally asked who CVS deals with (cardinal,Mckesson or who). I was told Cardinal. I knew Walgreens dealt with Cardinal also, so I asked what would they charge me for it, and was told around 10.00!! I was dumb-founded. they had in the last year or so been charging us 18.90 per bottle. The item number is 163-1951 and I’m saying that the cost is around 7.00 per bottle….you don’t needto know how I got this info.

This is a total rip-off to your customers and I won’t be shopping there anymore. We always bought it at the CVS at the “four corners” in Oklawaha on state road 40. I am telling everyone I know how y’all (do business). I deserve an explanation as well as an apology for being overcharged for so long. And the staff in the pharmacy are rude and don’t know jack about how to treat customers. My sister also bought all her prescriptions there and she is pulling out to another pharmacy. I would appreciate an answer if you can come up with a good one.

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