Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Laptop Problems

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I have been having issues with a Dell Inspiron duo since receiving it about two months ago. They promote it as a great mini laptop and a great tablet. It is neither. Having previously owned/used a Dell mini netbook, I was completely thrown by how poor a product really is. When contacted by Dell to sell me an extended warranty, the sales rep said I really should contact tech support, that my complaints must be an isolated issue. I did so, any spend several hours with Tech support in India as they walled me through useless checks, then had me completely re-image the system. If anything, I think things actually became worse because all the useless third party apps pre-loaded where now back.

This include apps, that seem more like malware than worthwhile programs, seem to bog down the underperfoming unit. Also, the pre-installed OS, Windows 7 Home Premium has difficulty running, often prompting me with a black and white screen indicating, “Your computer does not have the necessary system requirements or resources available”. Other serious issues include a battery that can’t provide even two hours charge. What use is a tablet that must be tethered to a AC cord? Recurring screen dimming and brightening, whether on battery or AC, and no matter what power settings are selected.

As a tablet, it is completely worthless – the touch screen sensitivity is terrible. No matter what setting are selected, you cannot get accurate touch response, whether using your finger or a stylus. So… in attempting to work with Dell customer support. It appears they don’t have any. My wife and I have called repeatedly, at different days and times and are given a complete runaround. We can only get to first level reps in India, the Phillipines, and El Salvador. No one would provide us with anyone in the US. As a US citizen, making a purchase from what is purportedly a US corporation, I expect satisfaction from a US representative of that corporation.

We have noted we would be willing to return this lemon for a credit on another, functional Dell product, but we are repeatedly told we don’t have any options. We can return this unit for a refurbished unit of the same type or we can get bend. They repeatedly tell us that Dell’s only ‘customer satisfaction’ response is if the product is returned within the first 21 calendar days and a 15% restocking fee is surrendered! Has anyone else who had the misfortune to be a customer of dell encounter this same response from Michael Dell’s once worthy company? It truly appears this multi-national is ‘dumping’ defective product on the US public.

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4 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Laptop Problems

  • D.M. Porter

    I have a Dell Inspiron Duo that has been broken most of the six months I have owned it. Dell has replaced the motherboard, problem continued. Returned again to replace motherboard again it returned with a note that said “memory”. No explanination and the “tech couldnt advist”. The 2nd return, I pulled it from the box and of course, it won’t work. Same problem, system will not activate, just a black screen that beeps 8 times. The Tech said 8 times means motherboard needs replacing. I continue to make payments for a system I have only been able to use a few times because the problem progresses to the point of no activations. This time it started out with no activation. Dell offered another Tech to visit after two returns and countless hours on the phone with tech support. I was told on second return that if it continued a 3rd the they would replace it. Dell now says they will not do that but they will send me a refurbished system when I’m paying for a new system. Nor will they refund my money and clear remaining balance with the return of the system. Dell wants their monthly payments as I agreed on however, they will not honor their part of selling me a functioning system. Customer service is extremely poor. Although the staff tries to be polite, its extremely frustrating that manager after manger yeilds no satisfaction,just another repair.

  • Kathi

    Hi, I purchased a Dell Inspiron duo last month and am about to return to Dell for second time. Had it less than a week and when I turned it on it started emitting beeps. I called Dell and went through steps to try to rectify the problem. When that did not work they sent me a box via FedEx to return to them for repair. I got it back yesterday and when I removed it from the box it is completely non operational. I cannot charge it, no lights come on and it will not turn on. I called Dell and 3 times the rep asked me to turn the computer on and I kept repeating it will not do anything. I am going to be receiving another box via FedEx to mail it back for a second time. Wish I had not purchased this as I am feeling like this is going to be a real bumpy ride with this lemon.

  • LAT

    I’ve had the same experience with my Dell Inspiron Duo. It is a lemon. It is excessively slow. I gave up on the touch screen within the first few days of using it. And it inexplicably stopped working after three months of use. And Dell wanted me to pay either $200 something for a one time fix or $300 something for software warranty. They said I have a software problem. Like hell….this laptop is just shoddy work. And I used to like Dell.

  • J Luna

    Just got dell duo 3 days ago. Won’t even starr, just beeps. Called dell, they wanted to send me a return box. I bought it from sam’s club with a 3 year warranty, it’s going back to sam’s and I’m getting my money back. This is the worst dell product I have ever bought, and won’t be buying any further computers from dell. Their quality has certainly gone down hill recently. And why is there an advertisement for dell at the bottom of this screen????

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