Direct TV Sucks

Direct TV Sucks 60.00% satisfaction rating from 2 complaints

Direct TV is retarded. My husband and I have had direct tv for awhile now and I am getting sick of it. We can never order any movies and a few weeks ago our dish stopped working. Not sure what happened but they keep saying we have to pay and have a direct TV guy come on and look at the dish, otherwise they won’t fix it. No television, no satellite, nada! So they are telling my husband now we have to pay to make up for their crappy service are you kidding me? If anyone should have to pay for the bad install it should be the guy who did it, or the stupid company who hired him! It was a “free” install and we never touched anything, but now its magically broken and we are being charged for repairs. Not my problem! Direct TV sucks.

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5 thoughts on “Direct TV Sucks

  • Direct TV Sucks!

    Direct Tv locked in rate for the first year is a bold face lie. My rates have gone from upper $30’s to over $70 in 4 months. Nothing was added. No movie channels. I cancelled the 3 month free movie channels before they were billed. 2 rate increases with no explanation. Worst company ever.

  • Remona

    Got Direct about 4 months ago after having Dish for 8 years. Not interested in supporting the Phillipine Islands (where Dish’s call center is) when there’s starving people in America. Anyway, every time it rains we lose satellite. We lost 17 channels due to Viacom (they are back) and even though we didn’t have the channels we were still being charged for them. It’s a pain in ass to order a movie on Direct and it seems to me that we don’t have as many channels with Direct as we did DISH. Also I was told when I signed on that they don’t charge a month in advance. They do. I reckon they are psychic and can predict what people are going to watch in the upcoming month. Smdh. We are going back to DISH. Direct sucks.

  • janet barger

    I had direct TV and got charged for more than I ask for and when I lost my job and was two mths late they cut me off..but shortly after I started working an called to pay the past due plus straighten out the charges for a service plan I DID NOT GET …THEY HAS THE NERVE TO TELL ME THEY WLD CREDIT WHAT I WAS CHARGED FOR BUT I CLD NOT HAVE DIRECT TV ANYMORE AND TRied TO CHARGE ME OVER 700 DOLLARS FOR THE EQUIPTMENT..I tried to tell them I was working and wld pay the past due and keep direct tv but not to charge me for equiptment and they said no and wld not come get epuipmwnt.they claimed later they sent me a box to send it back but.I never received a stupid box! So they put that on my credit….my advise to you is don’t ever trust Direct tv…….

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