Direct vs Dish Offer Door to Door Scam

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Visited by 3 guys wearing Dish Network T shirts, asking if I’d consider swapping to Direct TV. Asked why they were soliciting for a competitor, they said they contracted for both. Offered new equipment, more channels for less, etc. These were young guys in a compact car from Idaho who claimed to be working out of Missoula MT. The thing that sent them packing was when they said they’d need a credit card number, and of all things, Social Security numbers. Is this a common scam? I have no complaint with Dish Network, by the way.

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4 thoughts on “Direct vs Dish Offer Door to Door Scam

  • Dave

    I have been a technician in the industry for the past decade, but I do not sell- I only install and service.
    As far as the sales however, This actually IS necessary. In order for Dish Network or DirecTV to set up an account, they have to have a credit card number as well as your social security number. If you call the 1-800 #’s to order the system you will have to provide these numbers there as well, as well as for most Cable Companies.

  • Matt

    Yes, people contract for both and you do require a credit card. I do sales for both and have plenty of success.

  • Mr. Hudkins

    Fake Comcast service providers and fake dish / DirecTV representatives continually knock on my door in attempt to collect all the personal info they possibly can. I’ve been told that a truck will show up on Saturday to install my new services, but they never arrive.after contacting the service peovider they inform me that they don’t have any said employees, nor did they have any said work orders! To this day they keep collectingg my info and yet I have ZERO cable veiwing options. THANKS COMCAST, DISH NETWORK AND DIRECT TV FOR ABSOLUTLY NOTHING BUT HARD TIMES!! I sure hope my information has made all your lives happier, easier and more comfortable as mine continues to spiral down into the cableless flatspin of doom that is antenna tv.(IS THIS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE WHEN JESUS COMES BACK?)

  • Gail Miller

    Just want to verify door to door salesman in Dana Indiana. July 18, 2013 at 8: 00 PM

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