Dish TV Reviews of the Network

Dish TV Reviews of the Network 71.43% satisfaction rating from 7 complaints

I am writing here in regard to the disappointing customer service I received from DISH NETWORK today. I have been their customer for more than 4 years now, and now I need to share my review of Dish TV. My family in Texas is still using the connection and I opted for it as soon as I moved to Minnesota ignoring Direct TV’s popularity here.

I am the only customer for dish among hundreds of Direct TV and comcast customers. I have already been enrolled in you 250+ package and wanted to add a super pack. Unfortunately, I received an unacceptable and rude response from your customer service. Read the poor reviews out there on the web about Dish TV, they don’t lie.

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11 thoughts on “Dish TV Reviews of the Network

  • Jarkmann

    DO NOT TRUST this company. Especially Dish TV Direct in Yorba Linda. I worked for them for a week and they DID NOT PAY ME. Unfair business! If they lie about one thing they are sure to lie about another. Scam Scam Scam Scam!

  • lewis

    We had dish installed in 2 rooms then I told them we needed 3 rooms instead. He said there will be an extra installation charge plus a charge for equipment plus $ 14.00 more each month. What a rip-off. can’t wait to change providers

  • Denny

    Don’t switch to Direct TV whatever you do. They are one shade this side of criminal. They charge for things you never received, they change their rates multiple times during your contract (always up), and when you leave they come up with fake charges from a year ago that they said they forgot to apply to your account. On its worst day, Dish TV can’t be half as bad as Direct TV on their best day.

  • MAS

    DISH TV SUCKS!!! I called them to inquire about their tiny print on the flyer we received and got the most ignorant rude women you can imagine. She basically told me to stop wasting her time, and she was too busy to talk to me. I would get to read the terms when they installed the dish and had me sign the contract…. WHEN PIGS FLY!! (and this lady had wings!)

  • Tom Nichols

    Not so Dan. I actually had a Dishtv installation crew in my home a few hours ago just about to activate service when i ran their butts off and made them take everything down and cancelled my new service all because of 2 assholes in customer service that treated me like a dumbass. I was so mad and livid that i now have a splitting headache because of it. I am going to be treated like a paying customer with some semblence of respect or i absolutely will not do business. Sad because i am a good paying customer, business owner, financially stable and have fantastic credit. You guys really screwed up and even though i’m only one little blade of grass in the pasture, it should count.

  • Tony Waits

    Dish tv has as of today changed your software program that stops you from recieving your enhanced program guide . They say because everyone perferred the standard guide. So now you have to listen to a program in the little box on the upper screen that you did’nt want to watch while you search for another one. Not to mention the enhancced guide was part of the package you subscribed to. they do crap like this all the time without notice. Has anyone noticed that the 612 reciever is a piece of crap too ! That is unless you reset it every day.


    Dish TV service is bad & hopeless. you don’t give proper guidance to the customer. about your service.I have spend a lot off time& money in this activity.

  • B C

    Dish You Can Keep Em. Now they blocked all our locals 8 channels just great calling direct you can put dish where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • dorie

    I think they all need a good shaking up. The stations just keep repeating their programing over and over. Then you have 2 many OLD movies on to take up their time slots,When you have a program on like Storage Wars then your going to have 10 more from different stations, Pawn Stars to me is a bunch of loud mouth crooks, Now they have at least 3 new ones on . One of my favorites is American Pickers, least amount of DRAMA and decent men.Restoration show is also interesting. I liked Long Island Medium and they keep playing the same series over and over. What is a rip off from all of them the stations receive Big money on the advertisers support,so what they show isn’t costing them ear pennies. They have all become a bunch of rip offs. Some one will come and knock the socks off of all the greedy “B”.Soon I hope.

  • Tom Richardson

    Dish does not keep their promise. Never will I use them again. I have switched!

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