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eBay Customer Service Department 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

I have been a long time eBay user, a loyal customer and seller, advocate, cheerleader, and even a shareholder of the company stock – but my most recent experience has forever changed my opinion of this company. My journey to resolve a 2-minute simple situation took me deep into the bowels of eBay’s indifferent and arrogant customer service department, tumbling down a black hole I found myself in the pit of customer service hell, snarled for weeks in their labyrinth I was flushed out the other end of this mind-numbing experience having wasted countless of hours of my time, only to find myself no closer to a resolution, convinced this company couldn’t give a damn about their customers.

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6 thoughts on “eBay Customer Service Department

  • paultheuver1

    I did actually get to speak to a person but that proved pointless. So I emailed my complaint and got a reply asking me to call a US phone number, I’m in the UK. Further emails have just been bounced back to me. eBay customer service, let’s give them their real title, customer dis-service.

  • salt_miner_1

    MY EMAIL TO EBAY – THEY JUST CLOSED MY STORE..I HAVE A 99% POSITIVE FEEDBACK…I want you to be honest. You are consistently reducing my listing priviledges without giving me any specific reason. I have had positive feedback yet you are taking away my priveledges for listing slowly and gradually. Now – what I want you to be honest about it is to let me know by which date will you kick me out of ebay completely. If you have even a speck of self respect you will answer my question honestly and clearly and let me know when will you be disabling my account, however if you have no shame or respect you will avoid my question and try to give me a pep talk – dont do that! OK? give me a clear answer – for once!!! so that I can plan ahead. You people screwed me right before selling season of christmas without any prior warning that you will be limiting my account. If you had told me earlier or warned me, I would not have spent so much on the inventory that I wanted to move. Shame on you for doing that ebay. How can you be so ruthless – you know very well that sellers are stocking up for the holiday time and without giving any prior notice you simply limited my account? Let your executives know – by doing this kind of stuff they are screwing small sellers like me. I would have never gotten angry at the situation had I known that you were going to limit my account prior to the holiday season…anyway…there’s a lot of bad you are doing to people like me and you know very well – the way nature works – what goes around comes around…for now you can enjoy the life of a Pharoah – but it will not be forever and historically you will not be remembered in good words either – I guarantee you that. The only individuals as well as companies who get remembered well are the ones who have been good to the small guy. You are screwing the small guy – and that is evil.

  • vicki

    I spent 30 minutes today online with Crisanto Tu in Customer Service at Ebay. I wanted information about the fees for 10 day auctions and for final value fees on shipping. After the 30 minutes, I received no help, no information at all and was put on hold for 10 minutes. He was going to get more information to help me! The CS department has always been helpful before This one was a disaster. Yet there is no supervisor to let know about this kind of poor service.

  • lovebug21

    I have been gradually getting angry with ebay , i’m tired of the twisted games they put us sellers through . I sold an item on there recently only to get a message from a buyer stating that it was not as described . I asked the buyer what was wrong with the item and she claimed that there was something “missing” . By the way the item i sold her was a brush . How the heck can there be something missing from a brush ? one solid piece !!!!???? Its not anything you have to put together and certainly if you believe that you’re missing some sort of instructions you’re clearly a fool . So i explain to her that it is just a brush , the auction did not state that it was for anything else included and there was nothing else in the photos but the brush . Then she has the gall to tell me that its just not right that she knows something is wrong with it , i ask her to take a photo of it and send it to me . Waited 3 days , no photo then all of a sudden she starts harrassing me sending me several messages a day hogging me about what i am going to do about it blah blah blah so finally i contacted customer support and basically told them this lady was nuts and i wanted to know where my protection in all this was because i did nothing wrong and the representative tells me to message her with the response ” i need you to tell me what is wrong with the item and i will issue you a five dollar refund or you can stop messaging me ” so that is what i said . Then all of a sudden she started messaging me even more then changes her story claiming that the bristles on the brush were cut but never denied that it was securely packaged . I told her that she was out of her mind and that the only way that the bristles were cut is if she had done it herself . So of course the tables turn on me , she files a case and ebay decides in her favor . A few days later i get the brush back in the mail from her and not only had she cut the bristles off but damaged it further . I call customer service and told them and they had me take and send photos to them of the damages she induced and they claimed they would appeal the case in my favor , they never did so long story short Not only did i have to refund this psycho but now i’m stuck with not a brush anymore but basically a stick that i have to throw in the garbage . Wow , thanks a lot ebay for not supporting this honest seller .

  • lisa

    i am so mad with ebay they are not what they use to be the have stopped me selling and the resons are so unfounded its so untrue i think they are silly and need to sort things out but the really mad thing i bought a coat paid for it as i always do and never got it but did they halp me eeeerr no and will they listen to my side as a seller er no again they just deleted all my listings and cut my account off i have 100% feed back with nice coments and will they listen err no again i think its all aload of pants !!!!!

  • Ebay blows

    100% feedback over 8 years….4.9 avg DSR ratings….selling suspended indefinitely.! Thia is how you treat peopel..sad part this all was avoidable if Ebay had done what they said they would the FIRST 5 HOURs i was on the phone with them…terrible seller customer service….terrible fees….youve made me want start my own company and I hope your stock plummets the same way your caring for the people who make your company possible has….the seller!!

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