Employment Agency Scams on CareerBuilder

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Employment agency scams are a dime a dozen these days. They randomly find you on CareerBuilder or Monster, talk to you on the phone, and ask you to come to their office. They make you take a series of “skill tests” to see if you can use a fax machine or type on Excel. Such is the case of OfficeTeam (a division of Robert Half Inc.) in Cerritos, CA. I have been with them for over 2 years, and yet they haven’t gotten me a SINGLE permanent job. Their “jobs” are basically just using you for a day and telling you afterward that you didn’t get hired, regardless of how incredibly skilled you are.

When you get “interviewed” by the company, OfficeTeam tricks you by telling you that you got the job, only that it’s just an “interview process” with the company where they “test” your “skills” by using your labor for 4 hours while paying you a slave’s wage. Often times they just dismiss you. Don’t get me wrong, you get paid, but still….being hyped up like that for NOTHING?!?!?! I would avoid ALL American job recruitment agencies, ESPECIALLY OfficeTeam and ALL of the Robert Half Inc. affiliates. Don’t waste your precious time and gas to ask for their “help”.

You’re better off finding the jobs yourself.

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