ESPN’s Stupid Overhead Camera

ESPN’s Stupid Overhead Camera 80.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

I am trying to watch the UK v. MSU basketball game on ESPN and the overhead camera is taking away any enjoyment I may receive. The players look like ants and you cannot observe anything around the basket, such as rebounding or guarding an opponent. I would prefer discontinuing the overhead camera!

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2 thoughts on “ESPN’s Stupid Overhead Camera

  • KB

    Wow I came to complain about this very same thing and somebody had already beaten me to it with a complaint haha! I could not agree more Gordon the overhead camera for this game absolutely ruined the experience for me. They also tried this I think some on the game before and it was a terrible angle. I don’t know whose idea this was up at ESPN corporate but wow can you say “focus group” people. I expect more from this from big networks like fox, espn, etc. But over and over they keep going back to this sky high overhead camera where you couldn’t see a damn thing! I actually turned off the TV eventually and got on my laptop looking for a place to complain about this. You know it had to be pretty bad then…

  • daisotagawa

    I am watching us-open tennis every day. I think that watching tennis on TV is getting boring now because a lot of people say . so I think that TV camera angle during the point exchange both players is too vertical to watch the rally. so can you put TV-camera angle down as player’s head height. so we can feel intense of points each plays. also everyone want to hear what crowds voice such as soccer-game. I am sure that if you do it, more people like it to watch tennis match. tennis will go back to major popular time like 2oyears ago. thanks

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