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I used to work for the Madison Who’s Who a year ago. Everyday I made calls to “prospective candidates” or people who have reached out via email to be included in the annual publication. The idea was for people to be able to network globally through a book compiled of people in various industries. But just about everyday we received calls from disgruntled customers who not only never received the publication, but they never got their “complimentary airline tickets”, or membership plaques either.

It’s really sad because in order for one to be included in the publication, one had to pay an outrageous amount, ranging from about $150 to nearly $1000 depending on which package they chose, and even double that amount for international candidates. Once I found out about the scam and how people where losing out on their money, I won’t lie, my determination to work diminished and I was let go shortly after. Had I known the nature of the company, I’d have never even applied. Please don’t waste your time or money on such trash! It’s not worth it! If you think I’m just saying these things because I was let go, then sign up at your own risk!

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One thought on “Madison Who’s Who Scam Network

  • Hif

    So true, I used to work there too… they have these rebuttal boards to trick people’s responses. It’s a real bad psych they play, even on their employees. smh Definitely a scam!

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