Facebook Server Disconnected from Zynga Poker

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I was playing on a game and got a notice that the server was disconnected,when I reconnected the $5miliion I had at the table and another $95million was gone from my account.I was left with$600 in the account. Also the account was suspended for violating their TOS. I reported being hacked to zynga -they are sorry the chips are not there-but there is nothing they can do-I can admit wrondoing which I will not do-in order to get back 10% of my bankroll-capped at 1 million. anyone playing can report abuse by another player and you have no recourse for being reported maliciously by bad losers.

I believe it has something to do with the $30million pot I won yesterday-someone was pissed off and reported me. I am seriously upset at the treatment by zynga and will encourage all my FB friends to avoid using their products

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Server Disconnected from Zynga Poker

  • spartak

    Security Alert! Zynga Poker sent you an email regarding possible unauthorized access to your Facebook and Zynga Poker account. This email was sent to xhuzepe@radioshqip.org. We recommend changing your Facebook password immediately. Please verify your account by carefully following the instructions in the email. Click here to resend email. Message Code: CA3

  • james

    I have been hacked before using zygna poker.I noticed now after giving my son and a good friend of mine some extra chips I can not play the game any more; It loads but I can not go to my tournaments I play in,I always get you have unexpectedly been disconnected from the server. I have no probs with my computer and ny wife and son can play there poker game,so im sure there is some kind of bug in the transaction of sending chips.

  • butrint recica

    You cold not conect to the server. The server may be down for mainteance. Your firewall may be….

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