Fortune Learning Systems has Shut Down

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If you are like me and many others, you know how Fortune Learning Systems, Ivy Capital, the BDD, (abandoned ship a few weeks ago), Wholesale Match and others work. As of last week, Fortune Learning Systems and their affiliates have been shut down and are now under investigation. I was told by a reliable source that they had a court appearance Friday, March 4, 2011. I got busy and did some damage, at least I hope I accomplished something by submitting a complaint on this website. Now we all need to get the word out. Attorney Generals, the BBB, the FTC, Hissing Kitty, and anyone else you can think of are there for us and I believe, thanks to those ahead of me, they are the ones who had something to do with the shutdown.

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37 thoughts on “Fortune Learning Systems has Shut Down

  • susan thornton

    We just want our money back from this scam artist wholesale owes us back $900.00 and fortune learning systems owes us $5500. I want my money back how do we receive the money this outfit owes us and everyone else. Don’t get taken like they have taken us. It is our fault for not checking with BBB about them but we have learned our lesson. I think that they owe every penny back to each and everyone that they ripped off. what can we do to recover at least some of our money back.

  • Carmen Strankman

    I also want my money back from this company and its affiliates. Every time I turned around I needed to buy this or that. I am sure I ended up “investing” close to $10000 in total. Is there any way to recoup any of these costs? Without the business they promised I’m not sure how I can pay it all back. I agree that everone should get every cent back. How do I go about getting this money back?

  • Linda

    Susan, They got me for $7600 Please let me know if you have been able to find out anything. Much appreciated, Linda

  • Former FLS Employee

    I know my first concern when the company was seized by the FTC was the clients: would they get their money back? Would they know what was going on? Would anyone bother to contact them, or would they just be left wondering what happened? I know other “coaches” felt the same way. But I was forbidden by the agents from accessing my computer or e-mail to contact any of my clients, so my hands were tied. I always tried to bring realism into the picture with my clients after the salespeople made inflated promises and to remind people that the education was valuable and that it would most likely take a long time to earn back their investment, even though a select few did earn money remarkably quickly using the knowledge they gained from FLS’s program. If I had more clients “pull out” than the average coach, I’d rather they pull out and I lose my job than know I’d participated in talking people out of huge sums of money with false expectations. I wasn’t comfortable with how some things were done, particularly by the salespeople and by certain affiliates, and I hope all of you get back as much of your money as is due.

  • C.C.

    Never got a website, They said I wasn’t ready for one yet. I am not well so I can’t work a 9 to 5.
    I have been paying for a website since I started in Nov. So I don’t have much training from them. All my cards are maxed. I have paid them some $3000+ plus monthly payments $140 per month. I had hoped to have a business up and running at this time. I have no website to use. So what do I do? It was the money, money from them. Now what more money? To get and stop any more payments.

  • Tim

    I really could not believe we fell for all of the junk they promised. I was taken for almost $10,000 with this scam. I did finally get a website built but with from no help from Fortune Learning Systems or any of there affiliates. I got the site the built with lots of hard work. I was able to spend my days and nights working on it because I became unemployed after starting up with them. I invested a lot of money in this and I do not intend to just let them win. I continue to work on my site weekly without their help and hope to someday get something back out of it. After all I created this debit and I still have to pay it back somehow. There is lots of free information about website creation and optimization on the web. If you have any questions about it you can contact me.

  • Adam

    I was taken as well. I lie awake at night at least three times a week thinking of how I have let me family down, the embarrassment for being such a fool, and the anger I have. I do not mean to cause offense, but I feel similar to a rape victim. These people are domestic terrorist and are using the hopes and desperation of people against them. I remember calling the day I was signed up canceling. The guy on the phone basically yelled at me and told me how stupid I was being. He eventually wore me down and I sign back up. Four days later I had my first coaching session and have lived in shame for it ever since. I have been so stresses about this that I have had to see a doctor about stressed induced acid reflux that is hurting my throat. If there is anything we can do to get our money back and get these criminals to stop let’s do it! Please someone help us.

  • Crispen

    Guys thank you for posting this. They got $2000 from me the first time, then they asked me to pay another $900 to be able to access Does anyone know how we can get our money back?

  • KJoy

    If anyone finds out how we can get in touch with them please share! Now that they definitely won’t be able to even attempt to live up to their promise to help us earn back what we invested like they guaranteed at the start I just want my money back! I am also still being charged the $39.99 monthly fee and can’t figure out how to make it stop because we can’t reach anyone!

  • Jeffrey Sinnott

    Fortune Learning Systems was indeed primarily a scam. If they had just provided some educational e business videos, that would be one thing. But their Success Team was pretty worthless with ineffective coaches and thousands of dollars in fees for no services. Then they want you to fork over more money for web design, marketing, etc. Their relationship with BDD was even worse. They did very little and wouldn’t provide me with a written contract. When I asked for my money back, they ignored me. I think there were some good people working for this company, but in general the company is too interested in getting your money and not enough interested in providing a useful service.

  • Larry

    I was on the hook for about 17K. I filed complaints with my credit card company. Being I had 4 coaching sessions, I got back 13K. Owe 4K. I spent about 10 hours getting documents and writing letters to them. I saved all correspondence from FLS. That helped.

  • Mike

    I spent nearly $9,000 getting my business up and running and virtually nothing to show for it. My coach disappeared and I had no warning before I couldn’t access my site so not I can’t even turn off my shopping cart. How in the world are we going to get our money back? I assume it’s going to be a waiting game but I’m sure the lawyers will end up getting all the money recouped if the FTC wins the lawsuit. Can’t believe I fell for this…

  • FLS Scam

    If you have gotten taken by this company my heart goes out to you. I to was scammed by them to the tune of over $8000 dollars. I’ve filed a complaint with the FTC,if any one knows of a class action suite being filed I surely would like to know.

  • Neal

    I was taken in by these scam artists to the tune of better than $20000.00 between FLS and their associates. We maxed out all our cards and took out loan to pay what they said that we had to have to get the web sight up and running. They did get the site up and operational, but it did not show up on any of the search engines as they said it would. I had not one person log on to the site, so I could not sell anything. I think they did just enough to it to keep stringing me along to get more money. If there is any way to get part or all our money back, I would sure like to know.

  • Thomas

    I have worked with Fortune Learning for over a year. working about 3 hours a day and more on Saturday and Sunday to get my site up and going. I just got it to where I could make some good money and now this. All that my customers have to get a hold of me is a phone number. I’m into them for over $10,000 with no way to recover. If someone would of told me they were going down I could saved my site and had a chance. They were always good to me until this and I never seen it coming. Just this past week I had them repair some things on my site and they were very helpful.

  • Bob J

    I’m in the same boat. Lost everything I had invested. I hope we all become part of a class action suit to help us recover our investment. I hope the BBB gives the government a good case for a conviction of fraud and theft! Good Luck to everybody!

  • Anne M. Jones

    We have been apart of FLS since Aug 2010, very frustrated and angry in their business practice. We did not know what to do . . . it has screwed up the start of our new business. Please if you need more testimonials email us our story sounds like many of you. Leland and Anne Jones

  • Rebecca Nelson

    KJoy, your web page was out sourced. If you can get to your 24/7 chat you talk to them. This is how I got my fees to stop and I took my web page off the air. Hope this helps.

  • Rebecca Nelson

    I got my first partial credit using paperwork from Business Recovery Services. I was taken for $9575.00 and credited the one card for $4777.00. I am waiting to hear back from my other CC for the amount of $4788.00. Then for Wholesale Match I was taken for $1200.00. Random amounts to everyone it seems. Stay persistent.

  • Susan Castleman

    I too was taken for a ride by this Fortune Learning Systems for over $15,000. I have been fortunate to recover all but $2000 and am still working on this one. I too had 5 credit cards maxed out. The tactic I used was to dispute the charge on each credit card, While the investigation is in progress you receive a temporary credit and if they find in your favor you also get credit for any monies paid to them on this “investment”, I wrote letters, sent copies of contracts, then when the FTC and DOJ shut them down on 2-25-11, I also provided the credit card companies with copies of articles, one of which was from The Washington Post, along with other articles from reputable papers and magazines. The information I supplied was critical and there was a lot to include, and in my statement I told them that their services were not as advertised, they had no intention of keeping up their end of the contract, all they wanted was my money. So it can be done if you put in the time and effort. I’ve never had to do this before and was not sure I could do it but I have and so can you. In fact I just received a letter today telling me the company found in my favor and the temporary credit was now permanent. If anyone is still interested in this type of ecomerce to make a living there are many legitimate companies out there, one of which charges around $1000 for all the services mentioned above and they definitely are there for you anytime and they mentor you for a full year. It’s Chris Malta’s Official Web Site. He also has about 10-12 videos on the type of scamming we experienced. It is a real eye opener. Good luck to all of you, I know exactly what you’re going through.

  • K Quinley

    Someone called David (only name he gave) contacted me by phone to inform me of this law suit. How do I get included in this law suit? He said to contact FTC and ask to be included. I can’t figure out how to do that. I thought I had just been scammed and have been trying to pay off my credit card for over a year now. Can someone tell me how to be included?

  • Richard Lason

    My wife and I had invested in FLS learning systems about 6 months ago. We would be able to build a profitable business in a relatively short amount of time. They promised the world and made it seem that with hard work we would be able to quite our day jobs. Thank God we didn’t. Yesterday, Business Recovery Services called us about the FTC shutting them down. Has anyone heard of them? Someone named Brandy had contacted me and said they have an information packet for about 400 dollars that will get our money back. Is this another scam???

  • J Townes

    I just got on the computer to send an email to Wholesale Match for a search and couldn’t find the wedsite. I start with FLS in December but had to stop due to illness and family life. I then sent an email to my coach and then called. Well, the email came back and the phone stated that all circuits were busy. Now I AM really feeling like a fool! I
    What are people doing to their money back?

  • Mike Law

    I too was taken for 15,000 plus a few more on promises of my web site taking off and I have not had one sale yet. and I did all they wanted me to do and nothing. So I guess i will take it in the shorts unless someone knows of what I can do get some money back because I am not putting anymore money untill I see at least one customer by something from my site.

  • Steve McLeland

    I was scammed for over $9000 from F.L.S. themselves ..with also credit cards maxxed . I live in Ohio,and work in Chicago during the week. I pay all my bills with my cards while I am away I am very stressed daily as to what bill may hit before I have enough available to pay it. I was also scammed by the so called “credit builders” sent directly from F.L.S. After very much hard work ,and phone calls ,and emails bugging them ,also I had all documents. I am supposedly getting back $6600 out of $9000+ from them…We will see..At least I have paperwork saying so ,and they don’t want me to go to B.B.B.. So I am still $13000 in the hole for nothing ,$9000 from FLS. Lets try the business recovery services that the Lady talked about……I am going there now..Good Luck

  • Joanne

    We were also ripped off $4000.00 and $1000 to Wholesale Match. Thought I did my homework through BBB. Is anyone filing a class action suit one behalf of a large group!!! I am so glad we did not get any further into this. WHAT A RIP OFF!

  • jen

    Hey Susan! I’m looking for the article in The Washington Post that you referred to. Can you give me any more information on that? Thanks . .

  • t

    my website was already up, though not marketed. How do I get it off of the internet? I cannot use it, and cannot change it, therefore need to remove it?

  • tamara

    I too was ripped off by Ivy capitol and its affiliates for over 20k. I want in on any class action suit that comes against this group of scammers.

  • Bob J

    It is probably too late for most of you but if you call your credit card company and claim identity theft the credit card co. will cancel your card and balance and issue you a new card, especially if your charges were keyed in over the phone. It worked for me.

  • Sue J

    wow, not that it helps to see everyone else in the same boat, but at least I don’t feel so lonely. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in Aug. 2011 and have a reference number to go by. I plan to call them 10/17/11 and see if I can get any answers. I am not in for as much as many of you, but my fair share which I really didn’t have to start with. So far, according to the FTC web site, the only thing on the docket is a complaint against the holding companies. There’s nothing about those of us who lost money. I’ll let you know as soon as I can what I find out.

  • Sue J

    no I had a Dean…. but their street address according to pamphlets I received is 2510 E. Sunset Road #5-513, Las Vegas, NV 89120 if you happen to live in Nevada I tried calling the phone number 800-306-4817 but it goes immediately to voice mail. What a joke. It’s almost like the Capitol One commercial where “Peggy” answers the phone.

  • lowell

    i have as well been duped for 13k between june and july of 2010 and to the people that are still being charged a monthly fee for a non existent website just look at your next credit card statement and call your credit card company too put a stop to that charge.

  • John

    Last September 15 I filed a Corporate Tax return with a 60,177 net operating loss for 2010 all based on original expenses in less than the total amount to their group of companies: Most of it was for fortune learning systems, wholesale match and BDD (for a new corporate charter). Much of the later expenses were to other companies that may or may not have been affiliated, but were considered legitimate expenses to try to salvage something out of this epic of ill spent time and money (to no avail). I too have filed a complaint with the FTC and have a file number: Internet search for fortune learning systems has turned up more current information that includes the defendants response, but still no settlement: I will monitor this closely for some breaking news when the FTC finishes the legal effort: Hope it turns into a class action suite.


    Does anyone happen to know if this Fortune Learning Systems company is the same as the now FHTM?? Not sure, but I think it stands for Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. Don’t know if it is a subsidiary or just another name FOR their company, but XOOM ENERGY is somehow part of FHTM. Found something online that says: Several owners of LKN Communications, Inc. d/b/a ACN, Inc. have started a new retail energy supplier, Xoom Energy, LLC. Xoom Energy Global, which was created to serve as a holding company for Xoom, is a wholly owned direct subsidiary of BlueGreen Holding Co., LLC. BlueGreen Holding Co. is owned by seven individuals with varying levels of member interests. These individuals also own LKN Communications (ACN). Anyhow, just trying to get clarification as XOOM Energy is a MLM that my friend is getting into and I had big red flags go up when looking into it a bit as a potential utility customer. The utility that XOOM happens to provide in my area is Gas. They sell both Gas and Electricity in other areas of U.S. Just sounds hokey to me.

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