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I received an SMS about the nokia uk xmas promo 2012 (free nokia uk; Your mobile number has won 415,00 pounds. payment number NK-XXX for claims send email to: & call +447045735396. I’m just wondering what crap is this. Is Nokia doing something about it. Matiahs. Nairobi Kenya. My name is uzah from Nigeria, and I received a text that my cell phone won 52 million pound in Nokia UK promo. Is there anything of such like the nokia uk xmas promo 2012?

Thanks as i expect your reply. My name is Abiodun from Nigeria and I got sms alert on my mobile that i have won 520,000 pounds on a draw dat is taking place in UK for Nokia, they ask me to send my details to so i want if it’s true or not, with the free nokia uk

I have also gotten more sms your mobile messages that my no has won rs500000 in the Nokia promo awards. Tired of having received as sms saying i have won 150 000, but that I must buy air time valued at R110 and must deposit R1850 at FNB. Is this true or scam?

Good day I received a message @ around 02:18am on 26/04/2011 telling me that my cell no has won 520.000 pounds 4rm ongoing nokia uk promo and that i should send my name, country and occupation to Please I am highly confused about the nokia uk xmas promo 2012. For advice mail me on ademolaabike [at]

I recieved an sms text on 24 of april 2011 so i want to know if am real or is it fake the sms was complaining dat i just won 520,000 pounds so i need some clarification on the text am 4rm federal republic of Nigeria my cell number. Then I received a text message yesterday that i won 520,000 pounds from ongoing nokia uk promo.

Is there anything like that?! Hi, I got ur sms last week and the sms reads, you’ve won 520,ooo pounds on the ongoing Nokia Uk promo. please let me know if there is any promo going on. It came to my supprise when i received the message that i won E520,000 on the nokia uk xmas promo 2012 but please I want you to enlighten me more on the program.

Thank you

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117 thoughts on “free nokia uk – Promo 2012

  • Famajo

    Boa tarde. Também tenho a comentar que hoje dia 28 de Abril de 2011 recebi do nº 27719265699 no meu telemóvel com a seguinte mensagem: congratuletion! your mobile phone has won the sum of £350,000 in the UK/NOKIA PROMO AWARD 2011 e deram-me este nº para o contacto: +447035983485 e Já li vários comentários sem respostas de pessoas, que me deixam duvidosa a respeito disso, quero porem um esclarecimento sobre este assunto. Se é verdade ou mentira? E se existe ou não existe?Obrigada.

  • Famajo

    boa tarde. também recebi uma mensagem idêntica as demais que li, que me deixam duvidosa, eu ainda não entrei em contacto com os responsáveis mas, preferi antes investigar, pois já ouvi testemunhos negativos a respeito desse tipo de assunto. comentaram na mensagem que recebi que ganhei £ 350,000 e deram-me os seguintes contactos:+447035983485, email: preciso de um esclarecimento por favor. obrigada.

  • ogunsina james

    I was sent a msg dat I have won 520,000pounds frm the on-going NOKIA UK PROMO, and DAT CLAIM I should send my NAME, OCCUPATION & COUNTRY, which I have done, and there is reply WHY?

  • ibeke michael

    I received a text message that my mobile number (08030417629) had won 85000 pounds in nokia uk promo.i am from nigeria.i have my payment number included in the text though i am not giving it now.

  • yaswant singh

    my mobile no has won the awards promo as well, how do I claim. is this scam?

  • rayan

    in my mobile come a massage {Nokia Annual promotion}your mobile number has WON 415,000 ponds

  • Louise

    Received text 22/5/11 tellling I had won 3,500,000.00 GBP in Microsoft-Nokia Promo. Required to email providing name and gender. Definite scam, they then ask for driver’s licence and offer to open off shore account and then transfer funds into your account in your country.

  • adeyemi adepelumi

    my mum got a message that her no has been awarded 250,000 pounds in the Nokia Award 2011. given her a Ref no and email to get her claims.kindly enlighten us more if its real or to ignore the sms. thanks

  • Mr Uwem Daniel

    Please i received this message from my phone that i have won the sum of 520,000 pounds and am from Nigeria.

  • Smart

    I recieved a massage on my mobile that i just won £50,000pounds in the onging nokia uk promo is it true or scam


    I received phone text message on 03 June 2011 around 00:40 to the effect that I have won 415000 Pounds on Nokia Promotion and that I should send my particulars to this mail address. I was given number +447045735396 to call which I did but the contact person is not diclosing his identity. Pse may I know the legal firm covering this promotion and how soon I can have further details on how best Nokia Company intends to deposite this cash. If these messages are not true then it is worth taking Nokia company to task for letting workers in the company indesently expose my mobile number to the world waiting to hear from you.

  • mohamed fahim

    I have received SMS that i have won 415000 pounds so can you help us how to get this money

  • Wangui Duncan

    Today at 1pm, I received a text message that my phone has won 415 pounds and I should send a mail to claim the money, in this era we dont buy any messages in our phones. Is it true or just another hooligan wanting to reap where he or she never sowed?

  • sumaira

    i recieved a text message from this no 447790834372 that my cell phone has won 415,000 pounds in it true or froud.

  • zohaib sultan

    i recieved a text message from this no +447970021714 that my cell phone has won 99.000,000,00 pounds in it true or froud.

  • Anonymous

    have recieve a text msg.. from +2348153419616 that my mobile number won 415,000 pounds payment no:NK-311 and said i should send email and call +447045735396.. is it true or just a scam…i want to hear from you.. nokia.. same as all who post in this page…..

  • fahd omar abdulqawi khalil

    i received message my mobile number won 415,000 Pounds and i received nk no. pls sand me to my email ot canfarm

  • Danilo A. Galang

    What kind of nokia promo is it publicity to use for more than a trillon people is this a scam or a job please ignore this number+447045735396

  • Alice

    I received an SMS message: your Mobile No. Has won 415000.00 pounds, payment No:NKxxx for claim. Email: & Tell: +447035907217. i responded to that email address and they got back to me saying i have to send copy of my passport and other things. is this really true or its a scam. Please advice and if it is a scam i need to report this as soon as possible.

  • Manna abdullah

    I received a message stating that I won the amount of 450.000 pounds, and then sent them via e-mail the required data, and shortly after I received a letter via e-mail containing that I should open an account in a bank NatWest, was sent form the bank to completed the process of opening the account, and after I received a message via e-mail from the Director of Customer Service by his testimony comprising its bank account number and acess code and PIN, and when I entered for the bank and found it does not have the amount of the account, and after 12 hours is the amount of deposit account

  • Nasir kamal

    Dear sir, i received a message from 44777987676 that your cell number has won 415000 pounds in the nokia promo uk please verify that this is true or fraud.

  • Happiness

    I also receive a txt today dat i ve win 415000 pounds frm +447855210112 i think nokia should take action on this people if ths is jst a scam.

  • oliver

    i also received frm nokia uk promo on 5-09-2011 and payment was NK115.Telling me that my mobile number has won£610,000.00 pounds.can i get more information about this,because yesterday i called you to the number told me that i should use your e-mail..

  • SAAD

    i recieved a text message from this no +4915118104823 that my cell phone has won 530,000 pounds in it true or frAUd.

  • enad alotaibi

    I received an SMS; Your mobile number has won 415,000 pounds. payment number nk-***

  • Patricia

    Hi, a received an sms from contact numer +27762822495 stating the following: Congratulations!Your Sim No Has Won You R195,000.In NOKIA UK PROMO,Your Ticket No Is N6ZA,Call Mr.Benson On 0735096352, Make Sure Your Ticket No Is Activated. This sounds like a possible scam. I do not have a nokia phone.

  • murendeni mangena

    i received an sms from no-number +27766875452 say cngatulations your among lucky winner u won R95,000.from NOKOA YEARLY PROMO. WITH Ticket no.0166p call Miss memory DUBE for your cash price 073850848 i have a nokia phone

  • janet

    i am very upset some one needs to do somthing not only is it annoying but after the text i see my credits on my phone is missing. this is the 4th time

  • Hollie Mwanza

    I received a message on my phone that I have won 650 000 pounds from Nokia Promo UK Payment number UK 70.Are you running such a program?Is it true?

  • mahboob ali

    I received an SMS message: your Mobile No. Has won 215000.00 pounds, payment No:NKxxx for claim. & Tell:+447017186275. i responded to that email address and they got back to me saying i have to send copy of my passport and passport size photograph other things.i already Email my passport copy and Passport size photograph after that i receive mail from him is this really true or its a scam. Please advice and if it is a scam i need to report this as soon as possible.

  • mahboob ali

    Again i receive a mail they says to me that my premium transit account details my name and account number pass key account pin swift routing no. account type. Premium transit account and they send the site of bank which is attach and he says me log on this site and i go want to log in i Entered the password and the Id which has given me forger security after that i call them he says me forward me mail your problem i can solve you but he did not reply me

  • kaf

    I recieved an email this morning only mine was from UK iPhone. It said: APPLE iPHONE UK YOU WON 520,000 POUNDS IN THE ONGOING APPLE PROMO. FOR CLAIMS EMAIL YOUR NAME, AGE & COUNTRY TO This message was sent from +44 7779 699548

  • hafeez munaver saheb

    HAI receive a sms in may mobile nokia annual promotion your mobile number won 415,000 pounds.payment is it true .i can,t blieve that!

  • Thabang Mathupe

    At 05:27:53 on the 10-Nov-2011. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your Cell Number has won R450.000.00. in NOKIA UKMOBILE XMAS PROMO.Ref No:UK286SA.Forclaims call:Mr Scott Lehman on +27736908548. from +27715566010

  • Jamal Abuhussein

    I wan to know if this things are true or not,as I received an sms today saying that I have won some amount of money. so how does this things happen. If true then how Can I get that

  • onwuasoanya patrick ebuka

    i want to know how true this SMS that ‘my mobile number has won a specific amount of money’

  • omar hilal

    i have received sms saying that i won a prize , i want to know how to get that prize and how true this sms is.

  • gichiri

    Stop your nonsense because there inst ant promotion that one can win a prize without participation! some of these people that you send messages to have won Nokia promotion are using Samsung phones, how come then can they win Nokia promos without even entering into it in the 1st case? at this time and era that the dollar has hit a roof in our country no one is going to fall in your stupid trap! we have been conned enough and we are alert on such attempts you are trying to make.

  • michelle

    Hey! i have received a message with reference number +491606480416 that i have won 415,000pounds. just want to know if its true.

  • iyke jacobson achinonu

    hello every body,pls becareful of this 419 people.if you have recivied any of ths message about ur cell phone no, winning pounds 0r dollar is fake nd do not reply.these noting like samsung promo or nokia any other mobile company promo going on allis fake.if got any e-mail dat cosine money just go google nd confarm if it .is ture or not.cous the use british airways name to dicive people so that you will belive .

  • Kerby

    Hi. Ive also received a 2 x txt regarding this so called Nokia Promo – as it is I have a Samsung phone with Vodaphone! Its a scam and all messages should be forwarded to the relevant authority – I think its SMS Scam – not sure on number but just check with Nokia website. Thanks.

  • sajjad ul haq

    I receive a message from nokia promo . your number won 300,000 pounds in the ongoing nokia uk promo……….I want’s to know that is it true.

  • muhammad riaz

    i received a message of this no 40000000092 they said to me i won 1 million ponds is that true or not ????

  • clement

    ladies and gentle men, this is yahoo bad guys trying to get ur money pls do not there to send any of ur inportant document like” international passport, driving licence e.t.c PLEASE BE WARNED

  • Eze Sunday Ibeaja

    your sms refers on cell phone no: 08035941141, can you confirm to me the full information required by you.

  • Joel utuk

    I am Joel from Nigeria, I recieved and sms that my mobile number has won 100,000 pounds is it true or false.thanks

  • Adekunle Salau

    I received a SMS;YOUR MOBILE NUMBER HAS WON YOU 50,000 POUNDS,PIN NK 1011,FOR CLAIM SEND YOUR NAME,NUMBER,COUNTRY TO USVIA EMAIL,,i just want too know if is true or not

  • Adekunle Salau

    I received a SMS;YOUR MOBILE NUMBER HAS WON YOU 50,000 POUNDS,PIN NK 1011,FOR CLAIM SEND YOUR NAME,NUMBER,COUNTRY TO US VIA EMAIL,,i just want too know if is true or not i get the message 12;03pm on 06-07-2012

  • freedom

    i got a msg this mornin that i won 50,000 pounds is the online going promo, just wana know the authenticity

  • pratik baul

    I have received a mssg that my mobile no. has own £500000 is it true or wrong!!!!!!!!

  • mfundo

    i got a message that i have won 750,000,000 from nokia international promo to claim i must phone Mr Scott Lehman i want to if it true and how come i have won this kind of money

  • chigbu

    Nokia Uk or whatever you call it,pls stop disturbing me with your fake and trick messages

  • azula

    i won 60.000.00 pound sterling through nokiauk@english;tw how do i claim the money

  • Vijay kumar

    I got a message from uk nokia2010 dat i won 5000000000 pounds of money is it true or not i want to won dat money.

  • Fareh

    i recieve a msg dis morning dat i have won the(nokia uk promo)and d amount is £215,000 pound and i should send my numba n country 2 dat email i don’t kwn if it is true.

  • chenva ramubhai hirabhai

    my mobile no won 3crore.6laks so give me better information how to take this rupees

  • paulina

    i receive a message that my mobile number has won 60,000,00 pounds,for claim send your name,wining mobile no and country to this email: I just want to know if it true or not,pls clarify me.

  • kike

    i av just received a msg stating i av won 850,000 pounds in the 2012 nokia uk promo and am told to send a mail to for claims………i did not play any game and am a nigerian

  • Yakubu

    Please help me out, today (6/8/2012) in this afternoon, have received an sms from my sim of etisalat line asking me to call these nos: 0037090200111 its free, when I call there is advice to me the way how i can claims the money that i won through their lottery, i am not clear with the explanation how through is this

  • Anne

    I received a message today that i have won £250,000 on iphone promo. I want to know if it is a scam

  • rukayat abdulwasiu

    my wife recieved sms frm nokia uk promo.that her mobile number has won 60;000:00,rukayat number,country.Nigeria.This is her data for any useful information.

  • roland murphey

    please i need your confirmation consigning this information, congratulatios congratulations congratulation your mobile no has won you $350.000gbp in the ongoing iphone uk promo.payment no;uklp7.for claims email payment no to please how truth is this from nigeria

  • Benjamin idris

    Im Benjamin idris from nigeria. Please i need your confirmation about this message i received yesterday. That congratulation you have won 210000 pounds on ongoing Nokia promo. Thanks.

  • aregbesola

    i got a sms on my mobile that i have been awarded with £450,000,00 pounds in nokia uk promo so i wan’t to know if it is true or fraud.

  • adedokun adewusi

    I received a text message that NOKIA UK AWARD, your cell phone no. has won 250,000gbp email CODE,NAME NUMBER,COUNTRY Kindly save us from fraudstars.

  • yes

    i got your message that my number has won 850.000 pound of Nokia Uk 2012 and i want to know how to claim it.


    The as like others I receive a mail that I won 200000pound of nokia uk promo i feel several forms but problem arise fro the amount that seems I suppose to pay so as my cheque to be transfer so I fail such condition what shall I do so I can get that amount I won

  • kaunda festus

    i got your message that my number has won 715000 pound of Nokia UK Promotion and i want to know how to claim it..send the details to my email address.

  • Alimam

    I got a message that i won £60,000,000 pound. name, shehu muritala. number, 08068301215. country, Nigeria.

  • Saqib javed

    i have recieved a massage from that my mobile has won 270000 pounds from nokia promo… and they required my full name, Email adress and some other important information to nksms&…. is it true or fake.

  • Raja Ghulam Rasool

    i have recieved a massage from NOKIA SMS PROMO INC. 2nd Floor Berkley Square House, Berkley Square London, W1J 6BD London, United Kingdom Tel:+447024015722 , +447024067099. that my mobile has won 270000 pound from nokia promo and they required my full name Email address and some others important information …is it true

  • dzedza

    I have received SMS that i have won 415000 pounds so can you help us how to get this money?

  • Anon

    لقد وصلتني رساله باني ربحت مبلغ من المال اريد ان اعرف ان هذا صحيح ام لا وكيفيه الحصول عليه واذا لم يكن صحيح اريد ان اقدم شكوه بسبب اللعب باعصاب الناس

  • mohammedmusa

    hello sir i m recep your sms this me call no +971 055 6759 038 won 750.000 thenkg for you sir

  • s brown

    these people are very wicked i got a email from jack willimas last year may that i win 415.000 pound in the nokia promotion is this true

  • azizullha

    i am from afghanistan this evening i won 270000 but how can i recievd this money it that true or false if its true call me +93786260811

  • s.bawa bawhurdeen

    iam in india, tamilnadu, ur sms reseved ur compny alert in 750, 000, 00 £ this true or false my num +919443442703, +919488700088

  • Jasmina

    Što moram napraviti da do dobijem 615.000 £ koje ste m i poslali u poruci da sam ih dobila?

  • ismail

    i received sms from Nokia Promo my name is ISMAIL MAKAME Ref: 447012950083 my mobile no is 0713 349941, 0755 435341, 0683 472820 please pay for me i need it

  • Asha kidunda

    my name is Asha Kidunda, am Tanzanian, today i received sms from number +447012950083, with ref:NK94. The sms informed that my mobile number has won 200,000 pound in nokia ongoing anniversary promo. how can i get that money my sim no is 0755448699

  • Nazrul Islam

    my name is Nazrul Islam, am Bangladesh, today i received sms from number +447012950083, with ref:NK94. The sms informed that my mobile number has won 200,000 pound in nokia ongoing anniversary promo. how can i get that money my sim no is 01712374944

  • Omed ali

    I am omed ali from bangladesh.I recieved sms from no-2347036630084.The sms informed my mobile number has won 200000 pounds in tha nokia ongoing anniversury promo.How can i get that money.My number -01712377440

  • omed ali

    My name is omed ali from bangladesh.i recieved sms from-23470366300 informed that my mobile number has won 200000pounds in nokia ongoing anniversary promo.hou can i get that sim number01712377440

  • uzzal roy

    my name is uzzal roy. i m in Banglideshi. ihave received sms from +447035929946 with ref: Nk 901. this informed that my mobile number has won 200,000 pounds in nokia-UK- anniversary-promo.How can i get that pounds, my mobile number is01711349244

  • natujwa

    iz nokia aware of this or wat?cz few minutes ago also my young c6 has just received sms to alert her that she has won 20000pounds.if ts true plz contact me through thc email im 4m Tanzania

  • Rafiqul islam

    my mobile number +880171237​1522. I got a sms in my mobile date 03.05.2013​. in that sms informatio​n was that I won 200,000pou​nds in the nokia ongoing anniversar​y promo. I want to know the details of that sms by mobile or through email.

  • Charles urassa

    On 16 may 2013 i was receve the text which congrutolate me to won 200,000

  • be honest

    the text say i won too…….. but how can i know it is true &how can i get the money tell me now! but i want the money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamalalawal

    i kamala lawal here by to claim that i was received sms on 20/08/2013 my country is nigeria and my no is 07039576235

  • Ibrahim Aminat

    I receive a msg that my cell no has been granted 215 thousand pounds in the nokia awards.I want to if it is true. I will be expecting ur reply.

  • Ibrahim Aminat

    I Aminat Ibrahim received a message on 29/3/2014 that my cell no won 215,000 pounds in thee nokia awards.pls I want to know if it is true. I will be expecting ur reply.

  • Neda

    سلام متنی باعنوان برنده شدن من به مبلغ250000پوند دراین سایت ارسال شده است ازشما تقاضادارم تادرصحت داشتن ان من راراهنمایی کنید ممنون

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