Harassing Calls from Cash Advance Payday Loans

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I’ve recieved both harassing calls to my home and mobile phone as well as work, with a middle eastern man claiming that i have fraud charges filed against me and he’s calling from (508) 819-0527 with a middle eastern accent, about an un-paid cash advance/payday advance that I did with my bank account allowing them to use (left). I am so pissed of f to get a disturbing let alone bogus phone call like that. I hope that anyone who might think or have gotten any of these phone calls should put there information on high alert with credit companies, they just might try and defraud us and we might be left with their scams! also he is using the name “patrick minor”

How the hell does a man with broken english with a middle eastern accent have an english or american name by the name of patrick minor and in the background you can hear other phone operators with the same damn accent! I am so furious… Don’t forget to alert the credit bureas

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4 thoughts on “Harassing Calls from Cash Advance Payday Loans

  • jasmine

    My boyfriend was tricked today into sending money to an company called acc. They were saying he had an outstanding loan of 945.49 dollars. They said that since he didn’t pay the loan that the loan company sent it to collections department and now the lawyers at the lawfirm are “incharge ” of it now. So my boyfriend knowing that he has not done a lone was scarred into paying it because they said if he doesn’t pay his balance that he will be taken to court. They were able to tell him his name, social, address, phone number, ect. So they convinced him into sending them his card number and picture id threw fax because they sounded legit. After my boyfriend made the payment he later called me crying saying what just happen and he didn’t understand. So I asked him questions like what loan company, what emails, when did this happen, where are they from, what’s the number, what’s the dates and he couldn’t answer me. We then went to TD bank to file a fruad claim and explained to him it sounds like a scam, his bank did see that the money was taken out but still put 900 dollars bank in his account on hold until they investigated the matter. We went back to my house and I was thinking something still isn’t right. So I did the research and used the info we did have. I typed in scam on google and I typed in mark brown which was supposidly the guy that owns this company and I found a lot of ppl talking about the same guys and how they were tricked the same way my bf was and the ppl sounded middle eastern and that was all the verification I needed. We then went to the local police station and filled a police report and explained what happen and now his case is under investigation and he has a chance of getting his money back. I want to also get this story out there because I know we wernt the first this has happen to and we deffinatly won’t be the last. God bless! Oh and they also said they are from cali and they made him write a note apologizing to them. These ppl are sick and will pay for this

  • mike

    I’m glad I researched this further getting phone calls from 3 different companies all claiming they are officers with Heavy accents threatening me to come pick me up at work, my home etc. They even have my work number and my personal ID info , theuvatevsonugly and rude an when I try to talk and ask them questions they get ugly. I’ve gotten so mad with these ppl that I start shaking because I’m so Furious! So I did my research and let them know I was investigating them and two of the companies stopped calling but this NJ phone number doesn’t quit so I let him have it today so well see if they ever do stop!

  • Teri

    I too have received phone calls from a “Alex” – aka middle eastern man telling me that the Attorney General is getting involved and the local police will come to my workplace and arrest me by the end of the week. I asked “Alex” where he is and he informed me his business is a law firm in Kentucky. whatever. I am so upset at the fact I am receiving these calls at work! Does anyone have any advice on how to get these phone calls to stop?

  • carol

    My workplace is receiving phone calls that I am going to be arrested by someone with a middle Eastern accent. The persons claim to have a “John Smith” surname, but are definitely not American. the last call someone in my workplace got was from the number 1-844-281-7301….some of the calls have my area code but are from these people.

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