Hewlett Packard Complaint: HP Envy Laptop and Product Service

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My HP Envy Laptop has not functioned properly since the day I received it. I ordered it online, direct from HP, because I need a high end computer for graphics. At first the monitor image would just shake. I had to send it in. Then my computer blue screened and I had it sent in again. This time, they extended the warranty. Now, Internet Exporer periodically shuts down and closes my out of the work I am doing. It seems the only thing the tech department is good at doing is performing a System Restore. I have had the motherboard replaced and I am still having problems. They refuse to replace this lemon of a product. Unlike Apple, who recently swapped out my iPhone with a new iPhone when I had the first mention of problems. Obviously, HP has a lot to learn about customer service!

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One thought on “Hewlett Packard Complaint: HP Envy Laptop and Product Service

  • melody

    I have been an HP fan for years and would previously recommend HP to friends and family. I recently purchased an HP Envy 3D 17″ thinking it was the top of the line, best laptop they sold. It has been a NIGHTMARE! I had phantom drives showing up, problem where the computer would boot and then shut down and now the keyboard misses every oher key! HP’s response is that I can send it back in for the 4th time and they will reset the bios or I can use a side keyboard. That kind of defeats the purpose of a LAPTOP! By the end of my warranty HP will have had the computer longer than me. DO NOT BUY THE HP ENVY 3D 17″!!!!!

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