Jcpenney Complaint: Salon a joke – ruined my hair

Jcpenney Complaint: Salon a joke – ruined my hair 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

This is follow up to jcpenney ruined my hair in Hobart Indiana. Well Beth did my hair it lasted a day . Not long After that we noticed huge gray spots all over it stayed 5 different colors It’s truly disgusting guess since she could not fix the color she felt the need to cut 4inches off .Yes I got my free breast cancer survivor cut .my hair looked much better when I was on chemo for breast cancer , since I am a survivor she must of felt pity for me I was lead up to sephora which I received what they called a make over !!

Really you should see the pictures Jcpenney must hire these people to. Honestly these people have no idea what they are doing and they don’t care , I do hope my e,ails make it to someone desk in headquarters . And I hope you have compassion … My hair is short and most disgusting colors you can imagine … Thank you jcpenney in between fighting cancer I’ll try to find a place that can fix you mistake !!!’

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