JC Penney Optical Reviews of Eye Glasses

JC Penney Optical Reviews of Eye Glasses 40.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

To whom it make concern i need to post my jc penney optical reviews. i elizabeth bought a pair of glasses at the jcpenney optical on 6000 s hannum ave fox hills mall on culver city, ca. the associate called me to go pick up my glasses and i did. when i got to the store the manager was there.

she asked me my name and i said elizabeth rodriguez, i came to pick up my glasses. she was fixing them and give them to me all dirty for all the touching she did on the. she said here try them on. and she left me there so went on to do something else.

i was asking for something to clean my glasses, and i didn’t get a cloth nor the case for my glasses. every where you buy glasses they give you the cloth and the case with your glasses, and the glasses clean! so jcpenney, i want my case and the cloth and will post this review of jc penney optical so others can see this.

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9 thoughts on “JC Penney Optical Reviews of Eye Glasses

  • Vicky

    I want everyone to know that the sale or two pairs for 89.95 is a big scam. I know it said you had to pay 34 dollars for bifocals but the two pair final price was $239.00 Really? What a scam! I did not buy!!!!!

  • Karen

    Same heer do not go to Penneys for eye glasses. Took my mom there, glasses fell apart in 2 weeks, again in another few weeks. Frames not adjusted right she still can not see. Went back again said they were ok maybe needed to get here eyes checked again. Well spent another 65.00 for eye exam Doc said glasses were not made to her perscription. Called customer service they said no refund we can redo them. Are they crazy !!!

  • Saundra Martin

    I bought glasses at JC Pennys about a year ago. They recently broke and since I work my daughter took them back for me and had a new pair of frames put on the old lenses. When they came in my daughter picked them up and brought them home to me. There was one nose piece gone and the right ear piece was so out of whack that I couldn’t wear them. I got a chance to take them back one day on my way to work. The girl at the register was typing something with no one around her so I walked up and told her what I needed and she just looked at me and said OK. and kept typing. I said could you tell me how long it will be because I am on my way to work. She said “I don’t know I am very busy and I have not even had time to say hello ( to other people in store I guess is what she ment). I turned around to leave and she said “If you want to leave them I can have them ready when you come back” I said no, I don’t want to do that. So I went to Walmart and got my penny glasses fixed. So needless to say I will never buy glasses at JC Penny’s.

  • ms. judy brown

    To Sir or Madam, I have purchased several pairs of glasses from Penneys over the years and always was totally satisfied with the product and good customer service in our St. Cloud store. However the last pair came apart twice on the bows and I was able to have them soldered at one of your competitors. They now came apart the third time and since I’ve had them awhile I decided not to have them fixed again. I made an appt. for an exam at the same Penneys store on Aug. 11th and will purchase new glasses. While I don’t expect a new pair at “no charge” I was hoping for some compensation. Could you please help me with this? Regards, Judy Brown

  • Jan Mong

    I have been sooo disappointed at the new look and stores since JC Penney’s decided to change. Their expensive flyer they send out I pitch…more like a magazine than a catalog. I was so startled when I walked through one of the JC Penney’s near here and saw how they had reduced their inventory, I have no desire to go there again. What happened????

  • shelly

    I bought 2 pairs of glasses at jc penneys sacrameno, ca and the glasses I got they said I need to wear them and get use of them. I put on and my vision is not corrected and worst. makes me dizzy, floor is unleveled, cannot see in distance so bad . they say now there is no refund. I was not explained the return policy if any at the time of placement of order. was not explained the the RX by doctor too that it was a tri-bifocal which I do not understand. never had glasses before. I was paying all this money for nothing. I cannot use them. made dr. appointment because this has to be cause for a refund and my money should be returned or store in store credit. something . I cannot see 3 weeks or longer to use the glasses and it would make a different. should correct once you put them on . this is crap and a scam. getting you too fill a RX , pay before they do it and your out of the money if your not satisfied. I am stressing until dr. appointment is not for 3 weeks. help what do I do. call the Jc. penneys store manager as for the manager in opical dept should of explain the store policy on refund if any or store return satisfaction policy

  • Linda Ponting

    Good golly – I ordered a pair of glasses 3 weeks ago but am afraid to pick them up! I did go this past Monday but there were 3 people ahead of me and another getting waited on. I asked one woman why she was there and she said it was because her glasses weren’t right. Can’t drive or watch tv with them. I overheard the man getting waited on by the employee – she was telling him everything on glasses could be adjusted. The first lady I talked to said all 4 people including herself were there because their glasses weren’t correct! I paid way too much money for this to happen. There will be a major complaint from me if I have trouble at anytime. Did anyone every get a refund?

  • shelly

    no investigation in progress. Manager gave me a blow off. wrong phone number contact with district manager. she tried to put the blame on the doctor for error of RX. will not ok refund. the store is using JCPenney name and not following the main store return and refund policy. they have none. I was told this is said on receipt well you would only get a receipt if you paid its too late you already made the order and purchase. the no refund and return police should be explain before you sign anything and make a purchase . this is your rights as a customer for you can say I want to continue or walk away. with a no refund or return police why would anyone make a purchase. this is final and your getting in a purchase with no guarantee. who will buy anything without a guarantee, return or refund. that is totally fraud on the optical dept in sacramento arden mall. following up with store manager and then with district manager for fraud in this department.

  • shelly

    this is happing to more people who gone to this store in arden arcade , sacramento. no refund explained at the time of purchase or policy on this not posted in store. the manager there does not explain nothing doing other things while your in the store. more concern having her lunch instead of doing her job. not one time did she state no return, no refund at anytime. she wanted the sale and went for it. No its not happening. I am a customer and that is my rights to be told of this before I buy into it. she stated its the RX she was going on. that has nothing too do with return or refund policy. you have that choice to go somewhere else. my choice to say no thanks. I was taken . not happening here. I will fight them. they will never do this too anyone again. if this is what you are going through please let me know and more complaints will be given to district manager and this manager in optical dept needs to be spoken too for miss leading customers and giving a bad name for JC Penneys. fraud and misleading customers.

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