KFC Employee Harassed by Restaurant Managers

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I am a 38 year old woman who recently worked at the KFC in Sayre PA. I have been a manager of 4 fast food restaurant and have never been treated so badly by owners, managers and employees. I have just been diagnosed with CHOREA, which is rare, possibly a form of Huntingtons disease. While working at the store in Sayre i was picked on and laughed at by the GM, shift managers and KFC employees, all because of the Huntington’s disease. I am now embarrassed because of who i am and what i do. Thank you KFC for making me feel like a failure because of something i can not control.

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6 thoughts on “KFC Employee Harassed by Restaurant Managers

  • Steve

    KFC I worked for the Paignton store here in Torbay UK, and am finding it hard to understand that no matter what other shift runners team member or even managers do they get away with anything, picking there noise in front of customers being rude to customers, giving free food to there friends just about anything………..when you complain your outcast as not a team player!! and then the management do nothing about it. I am so annoyed with them that I am thinking of given up and moving to another country soon.

  • R

    Y do ur employees in minden, la. not get a 10 r 15 minute breaks nor a lunch break if they r busy for 7 hours they work for 7 hrs really now these people r human

  • patel

    m working in kfc karnataka, m getting salary problem in every month, dis month i got too less salary, also i dont bunk my job, but m always facing problem, thats why m going to put case in court on kfc, and i contact human rights and act office, thank you, also i have evidence lot of,.. Thank u … N ready for facing enquiry

  • miss kate lambton

    i was an employee for kfc grainger street newcastle upon tyne
    i worked for them for about a year
    my complaint is we all no if you start a job you work a week lying on which i did i went to hand my notice in which i did as was told it had to be in writing so i did was told i had to work last two weeks as was short staffed due to kids holidays which i did i spoke to assitant manager as when i left i only recieved 1weeks wage and was told to get out of shop as i did not work there no more and was not entitled to any more money other than what i had already gotton , i decided to contact payroll myself they told me i was entitled too 27 hours holiday pay all well and good i recieved this with my p45 but still not happy as i did not get paid the week lying on,have now had a telephone conversation with the shop manager who was on holiday at time asked her about my week lying on and was told there is no such thing, rubbish or what is this the way to treat loyal staff members no,well im now seriously thinking about getting a solicitor involved and persuing a small claims against kfc

  • Anonymous

    Why franchise managers thinking staff are there personal servant and manager use allways bad words for employee and employee family and no one gonna stop him bcs everything is in his hand and he can do anything so staff scared that he or she will not get hours if we complaint to other why it’s happening and no one checking how many days he is not coming to work and just keeping hors on name why it’s happening if we complaint and they knows the name of the person they will heras again why.

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