Kohl’s Clothing Complaint: problems with sizes with Chaps

Kohl’s Clothing Complaint: problems with sizes with Chaps 50.00% satisfaction rating from 2 complaints

I was personally at your store in Harrisburg, Pa. I tried this item #884094 69291 0. After I tried the item which was small and with Chaps you never
know which size will fit. Your clerk was nearby and was very helpful, as there was not another, we ordered a M which arrived today and is smaller
than the small . I do not know how they do the measurements for clothing in China but your Companies should come back to the USA where people
care and the materials we use is of better quality. Even the Tex Gear hooded sweatshirt looked like they have been worn already and the material is already piled. They cannot make their clothing any cheaper but the tag price is high. No wonder you have price break, the merchandise is not even worth the bargain price.

I have returned more items this Christmas from Kohl and the quality is very inferior.
That is how you lose your clients.
Yours Truly,

Gail M. Boire
710 Charles Rd.
Dauphin, Pa. 17018


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