Late Delivery of Papa John’s Pizza

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Its been awhile since I’ve ordered from Papa Johns in Longmont, CO. I placed a delivery order online. After an hour I called around 7:10pm to check on how much longer it would be. I was told the driver had left the store at 6:30 and had one stop before me. At 7:25 I called again since they said he’d be there any minute last time. Supposedly the driver got lost and called to get directions. The driver mustve been driving around for a long time lost before he bothered to call. Never has anyone ever had a hard time finding my house. I mentioned that my pizza would have been in his car for an hour.

The store clerk told me if it was cold to call back and they’d send more out. By the time it got there almost 1 1/2 hours after I ordered I was starving and just headed it up in the microwave. I was shocked it wasn’t offered to be free since it was outrageously late. Then the deliver driver didn’t have a pen for me to sign and made me go look for one in my house. The pizza I’m sure was much better fresh. But I must say I won’t be returning my business. If they would’ve stopped making excuses and given me my money back I probably would go back and get take out. There lack of customer service skills and caring about there product was sad.

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