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I just received a call from my credit card company of fraudulent activity on my CC yesterday out of NY. I live in Michigan. I only made two online purchases in the last month. One was the Amazon Livingsocial deal. I would suggest that everyone watch their statements for unauthorized activity. My card is being closed out due to the fraud.I just did an internet search and found that other people are having similar issues since making the purchase for this deal.

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6 thoughts on “ Fradulent Activity

  • yvonne clunies

    l purchased 2 coupons three hours of cleaning from Stars A1 maids Voucher #100023837027. l have called the 416-828-7797 and cannot get to speak to anyone. l have also left messages, without having any call back. now the mail box is full. Please advise what l steps l should take about this matter.

  • Joann Fuller

    I am having a great deal of trouble getting Lola’s cleaning service to respond to us. I have purchased a four hour cleaning service from them. I spoke to them once about coming out to clean our house and they told us they were booked up and behind in their service. They told me to go to their website to make an apointment which I did. I have not been able to contact them or get them to respond to me since. I would still be willing to use this service I have paid for but I’m wondering about their reliability. Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

  • May

    I’ve had terrible experiences with Living Social. I tried to redeem two restaurant vouchers but the merchant claimed he would not accept them because we went on 27 December (a public holiday). This was not stated in the terms and conditions but LS have refused a refund. It has now been 8 weeks since I complained and they claim they are still investigating. They are a SCAM. I will be complaining to trading standards. I also use Groupon and KGB and have found them great compared to LS.

  • Julia

    Living Social and its deals are scam-worthy. Like most of the other comments, I too could not get through, the phone rang out after waiting for almost an hour. However, I persisted.. Saturday morning is a good time. I could not be offered a refund, even though the company did not validate my voucher. Living Social uses its “terms & conditions” in a devious way. And.. watch out for companies (especially hairdressers) that over-charge on product and other things, after your initial voucher purchase. Honestly, it’s a waste of time. People think they are saving money, I say think twice and save your time.

  • turtle

    Same experince as May. Bought a Health & Sport voucher. They say only 1 a year so they wouldn’t honor (it was my 2nd one that year). But it’s not in the terms & conditions anywhere. S&H says they’ve had repeat problems with this. Living Social would give me back deal bucks, but not my money. I went to do a charge card dispute & my card wouldn’t take it once they heard “living social.” I get the impression they are intimidated or have had problems.

  • Dee

    I too have been stung by Living Social. I applied for a refund on tickets to a cooking show I was going to be unable to attend. ASccording to their on line policy I could get my money back if requesting it within 7 days, which I did, and before the show. They claim the small print says no. When asked why they had a “refund” button by the tickets, I received no answer. they gave me a royal run around.

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