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I kept receiving calls from Macy’s credit card collection 4 and 5 times a day. When I would answer, there was NEVER anyone on the line. So, I stopped answering and tried calling them back. Always a recording and never an answer. Today I finally reached someone to find out it was Macy’s trying to reach me. It is RIDICULOUS the number of times they called and had no one on the line. Every day of the week. I finally called the 800 number listed on the Macy’s website and was connected to a call center in India again. I am TIRED of Macy’s and the way they are treating a former Marshall Fields customer of 20 years. They do NOT even begin to compare to Marshall Fields and need to learn how true customer service is handled.

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4 thoughts on “Macy’s Credit Card Services

  • q macy

    I had a similar horrible experience. MACY’s applied the payment of my Macy’s card to the Amex part -where we had no balance due- for two months, and then sicked their Indian Harassment Center on us. They would call us seven times a day, would not tell us what the problem was while ASKING FOR OUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER- which we did not give them. I told them never to call for any reason again three times. I thought they were a phishing scam.They called seven times a day again. When I called the Macy’s number on the back of my card, they explained they applied the payment of the exact amount for the Macy’s charge to the Amex where we owed nothing- they tried to blame my wife for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- They never notified us by mail, there was no normal call from an American working for USA Macy’s. They would have kept calling seven times a day and who knows what else if I did not go online to figure out what this was about and then call directly from the card. They know their system is horrible, It is all over the internet, and Macy’s does not care. They have been doing it for years.It is borderline criminal. It is poorly done and mean spirited. They tormented us rather than look to see THAT THEY MADE A MISTAKE. I have never been so incensed with a company in my life. Ever. Multiple times I told the indian rep company to stop calling the house and have Macy’s email or mail us and that we could not give out credit card out to some foreigner who calls us seven times a day and then asks for it when we take their number off our caller ID. Macy rep from America was nice- but I am sure she hears this all the time- and is obligated to deflect everything- Macy’s does not care or have any insight on how horribly they are being run. BTW< if you ask the Indian torture company to connect you to a USA rep they have to I found out later. We have impeccable credit-we are never later or miss- perhaps we should sue Macy's to make a point.This disrupted me and took a day away from my work. Anyway, Macy's business practice are incompetent and border on criminal. I am going to close everything out with them as soon as possible and will not buy a stick of gum from them forever- and we went their a lot before. Never again, I do not know what I would have done if this had been in person; I have never been so angry with a company in my life. And as far as the Indian collection division- HIRE SOME UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS! Wow, between the multiple calls and the calm " we are right and you are wrong and tell us all your personal information and we might tell you why we keep ignoring you direction to not call you"- wow- NEVER have I ever been more angry. I am not sure what I would have done if this had been in person.This has been so stressful. Is this company made up of complete pond scum? At least one person was sane that I talked to- thank the lord for her!

  • ruby colson

    The Worst Experience Ever Using A Credit Card! I had my American Express Card thru Macy’s for a long time now. On 8/19/11, I paid my balance off. Since I have had my card, I sometimes make large purchases and within a short period, I would pay the balance in full. This past weekend, I had out of town visitors at my home and decided to use my card. I was totally humiliated and embarrassed in front of my guests when attempting to make purchases with a long line of people behind us. On this day; the first time this happened, I called the number on the back of the card. The agent apologizes and authorized my purchased. I informed her that I had other shopping to do and did not want to experience this again. The agent assured me that I would not have any other problems. The next purchase I tried to make on the same day (Saturday) I had the same problem, after the first agent told me that I would not have this problem again. Again; I called the credit card department. On both calls the agent could not explained to me the issue with my card and was very unhelpful. Today, I called the credit card department and was informed that my credit limit was decreased from a very high limit to a very low limit. According to the agent I spoke with, this was not due to a decrease in my credit because there was a recent review of my credit and my credit had improved from when I initial received my America Express Card. Additionally, I never received any notification to the reason for the decrease in my credit limit. Oh! But it is okay to totally make me to look like a fool and a thief. Today, I am going to pay the balance again and this time it will stay a “0” balance. I believe I can get better treatment for being an excellent customer elsewhere.

  • HateMacys

    Please God help me to not lose it with MACYS!!!!!! My acct is set up for AUTOMATIC PAYMENT and they call me EVERY MONTH asking me why my payment is late, then I tell them to get some sense and that I have auto payment, and then thay say, ‘oh yeah, I see that, we are having problems with our payment system!!! DONE AND DONE AND DONE WITH MACYS INCOMPETENCE!!! DONE.

  • Sandy

    WORST CREDIT CARD IN EXISTENCE>>>>>from a 15 year card holder….Slashed creidt limits with no warning and blame the consumer…..You have to call Macys FROM the store to ask permission to purchase $5.00…No new cards no Travel Agency no coupons much higher interest rates…..ETC>>>>

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