Monthly Billing Complaint with OnStar Security

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Was billed $28.90 by OnStar and when I complained was told I was enrolled in continous billing. I said I did not recieve any notice of this and they said I was sent an email. Upon looking over there plans I decided to take their security package and paid a year in advance and was told I would also get my $28.90 back in 5 to 7 business days. To this day I have not recieved my refund and was almost instantly charged $198.96 for the year in advance payment. Seems they can collect instantly but will not refund very fast. My 7th. business day is up tomorrow I will be calling them for the 4th. time about this $28.90 charge they owe me.

They said that they would reemberse. Expecting the runaround from them but sure will cancel my credit card so I won’t be billed again for something I didn’t authorize.

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