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I received a msg this morning stating that i have won 115,000 pounds in the ongoing nokia uk world promo via +27739224187, demanding me to send my name, age and phone number through e-mail to Nokia, the best global mobile phone. I got an sms yesterday 19th april 2011 @ about 11:30pm that i won 115,000 pounds, payment no: nk 191, for claim i should email my name, age & phone number to: from this number- +27739224187. Is this Nokia world promo real? Pls reply!

I have recivied a text message Telling me that i have won the nokia uk promo and should be ready to claim my prize, payment number (NK115G). Then I Received sms 290000GB. Googled Nokia scams. Here I am. Poor old bugger in Oz. How do they find out I have a Nokia? I’ve been getting texts from someone claiming to be from the Nokia promotions dept. telling me that i won the sum of $275,000 and to call THE #447035958252 or email. . This is very annoying and i hope you can do something to stop these crooks from harassing people. Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “More Nokia Mobile Promo SMS Texts

  • mauro masucci

    put a sto[p to scam that we won a prize of 275,000 from atext message or i wont stay with bell mobilty email them at at claims dept it should not ba allowed because people pay for your service,not crap. mauro pissed off.

  • john greig

    Received a text message # 6245 it says from nokia your cell phone #has won $275000. in the ongoing nokiapromotion.for claims email ref # nkp/20/11 to claims dept @ would like to believe it is true as we can always use free money in today,s economy but i am sure it is some kind of a scam,sincerely John Greig

  • Anonymous

    i also would like to believe that I won 275,000 but i came to the site and nowhere does it say how to claim my prize is this a scam? you can be sure i will not purchase none of your devices.
    thank you

  • bond

    is it a scam or what? i got a text i have won $275,000 what’s up fact or fiction?

  • Ferdnard

    I recieve a masssage on my phone saying dat i won 215000ponds dat i should send my name,address and email to them, please i wand to know if there is any promo

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