My Complaint about Mr. Number Services

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So I wanted to recommend Mr. Number’s service to my clients, I wanted some more information on their referral program, so I submitted a ticket. I received an e-mail saying that they received their ticket, but I couldn’t see any response. I wasted 20 minutes of my time trying to figure out how to log into the bloody ticket to see a response. Once I was logged in, there was NO response, this was days later. Their sales department at least got back to me right away saying they didn’t own the Mr. Number domain, rather as a courtesy they allowed that company to use their phone number. Why they would do that I have no idea since they aren’t a domain registrar. I went from wanting to help Mr. Number to now having a complaint about them instead.

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2 thoughts on “My Complaint about Mr. Number Services


    after installing mr.number app on android the password to my cellphone was changed and i my recieved a call from614-516-8841 to verify bank info when called back not one answered i block my phone and called again a live person answered when i asked who it was they said “pharmacy” i asked what pharmacy the voice said “cvs” i asked where were they located they put me through to a voice recording telling me i recieved the wrong script and needed to pick up another medication. THEY NEVER TOLD ME THE NAME OF MY BANK OR THE NAME OF MY CORRECT PHARMACY OR PERSCRIPTION AND WHEN THEY GOT TONGUE TIED THEY PUT THE CALL THROUGH TO WHAT APPEARED TO BE A AUTOMATED SYSTEM OR A COMPUTER DEVICE. THIS IS A SCAM A FRAUD AND AMERICA BETTER BE AWARE OF IT. i HAVE ALSO RECIEVED CALLS FROM MYSTERIOUS NUMBERS SAYING THEY WERE DIFFERENT BILLING DEPARTMENTS.

  • Lew

    This company is based outside of the U S so BEWARE. I received two unauthorized charges from them on my credit card. If you see the number: 877 446 0758 on your statement, this is the “in the states” number that they use.

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