Nigeria Western Union Money Gram Scam

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All info is a fake one more NIGERIA SCAM. Uses Western Union and Money Gram. Claims to be stuck in Nigeria. Owning Trinet construction company in CA and lives in Appelton WI. Emailing fake $700,000 cashiers check from Bank of America along with back card and ID. Victims are Senior citizens. My 70 yr old love one taken for over $90,000. Dont let this happen to you. AMERICA HANG UP ON OVERSEAS EMAILS AND CALLS. ONE P OFF DAUGHTER.

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One thought on “Nigeria Western Union Money Gram Scam

  • HPL

    I have a person by the name of Ikhidero Francis tel no 2348020958564 who claims to be working for the WU in Nigerai. Claims he had my winnig ticket of 1m USD. To date he has collected more than 2pk in fees with no delivery of ny of the winnings. He would present many stop orders of funds , and kepet depening for more money for the funds to be release.. This has been going on fro nearly 1 year. SOS

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