No Atlanta Braves Baseball on AT&T Uverse TV

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I wanted to switch to AT&T Uverse last MLB season, but they didn’t offer PeachTree TV. We are huge Altlana Braves fans and MLB fans as well. Then I discovered that FSS and FS were going to cover the games so I decided to switch to AT&T Uverse. I related my story about Peachtree TV to the AT&T sales guy (Keith Moore) and he said, “Yes, FSS and FS are carrying the games.” He neglected to tell me they were all blacked out. Not only Braves, but Yankees, Mets, Reds, Indians are all blacked out. I live in South Carolina. Not likely I’m going to hop in my care and go to NYC to see a Yankees’ game. And trying to get a support person on the phone is nigh on impossible. We are swithching back to TWC.

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