No Credit Guidelines at Macy’s Department Store

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So confused and the same thing happened to me. Macy’s told me there are no credit guidelines but that if you want something just bring it to the counter and they will try to accommodate your purchase…WTF!!! I tried to spend 180 dollars the other day and was denied in front of a full line mortified since I have had my credit card for 11 years. I didnt use it for a couple of months so they told me the most I could spend was 49.00 WTF. Then I called Macy’s C/S and I was really upset they said they would pull my credit report to see if they could accommodate my purchse I told her NO that will go against my credit score which she agreed and then I told her I may want to just close my account because its not worth having.

Come to find out today after speaking with the Macy’s complaints department the w**** closed my account without my permission. I am livid and not going to stop until I get some kind of compensation for my embarrassement and closing my Macy’s account without my permission.

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One thought on “No Credit Guidelines at Macy’s Department Store

  • Ruth Moses

    Wanted to purchase calvin klein modal black mens shirts at del monte mall monterey california They rang up as costing 1 penny. Clerk called manager, one thought was to charge us 60 percent off another was full price, which in the end is what we paid. I still am not happy about this think they should honor the price it comes up. After we left check stand the two clerks argue about this for 10 minutes or more. After that all the shirts were off the rack, gone. I would like to be change my mind about macy’s with some compensation thanks.

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