Numerous Phone Calls from Macy’s Credit Card Services

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Last week I received a call from Macys credit card services. The message light was lit on the answering machine but no message. I called the number back from caller id and when I heard someone answer Macys, I realized I forgot to pay $25.00. I called the 800 number and spoke to Kevin in India. He insisted that I give him my bank info so that a payment could be posted that day. I told him I would send it via online banking, but he couldn’t guarantee the late fee would be waived.

The whole transaction took over 15min. because of the language difference and his constant script reading. I then received 3 other calls that day and when I advised them that a payment had been given, I was advised it was pending. What did they want me to do. All this for $25.00 and I have never been late with a payment since 2004.

As soon as the remaining balance is paid, I’m closing the account. The coupons aren’t worth it. I should have just paid through online banking and taken my chanes on getting the late fee removed. Now when I call I contact the store and ask for a call center in the US!!

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One thought on “Numerous Phone Calls from Macy’s Credit Card Services

  • Tamera

    BEWARE!!!! don’t use online payment center. I used it, made the payment for specific amount, received a confirmation for the payment and immediately printed it. Two days later received email that my payment was received and will credit soon, However! the amount had been altered. I went online to Macys with their “secure messages” uploaded my printed confirmaton sheet with the amount I authorized. I called two days after that to see how this would happen, after calling 3 times (first call went to a call center where they must not of heard me say hello),(second customer service rep hung up on me) I did finally get a wonderful young lady who understood my concern. She placed me on hold and soon came back with an answer she herself didn’t like. According to Macys if you make an online payment after the due date they automatically add to it the late charge and next month payment regardless of your confirmation. They also used the same original confirmation number for the altered amount as if you approved the charge.

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