Overcharged for RedBox DVD Wii Game

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I recently rented a Wii video game from Redbox for my kids, it was: “Lego Star Wars”. I returned it after 3 days and three weeks later saw a charge pending on my bank account for $52.00 I was like what the F@#$!! I called redbox and they said the charge was for Lego Star Wars that was never returned. I said that I did return it, they then said they could refund $15 back. I was like, “no, I am going to contact my bank and get the full $52 back”. But why offer to refund $15 if you know you are 100% in the right? Very fishy! I will never rent from these Redbox con men again!

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One thought on “Overcharged for RedBox DVD Wii Game

  • Redbox Customer Care

    The reason why the customer care agent that you spoke with offered to refund you $15 was to help you out with the charge. If we don’t have the movie or game and neither does the customer then we try to help them out.

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