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Am I the only one who hates the pawn stars TV show? Why would anybody want to see people get scammed all day by these crooks? Ok so maybe it’s slightly funny, but those guys who run the pawn store are incredibly rude and just in it for the money. People bring in things very valuable to them and it’s all about ripping them off for the cheapest offer. I saw a guy last time bring in his fathers old army stuff from WWII, the guy offered him 50 bucks for it all because “it’s hard to sell”. Has this what American TV has been reduced to? Watching desperate people pawn off what their parents handed down to them before passing on!

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5 thoughts on “Pawn Stars TV Show

  • A

    I personally LOVE this show and obviously if its still on TV people do like it. I’d rather watch this than Dance Moms or any other sh*tty reality show

  • Joe

    To the author of this thread, do you understand that they also have a business to protect and they never steal items from the owners, it all has consent before finally clsing the deal! How st*pid can you get for saying that it’s a scam. Com’mon watch E-news live instead. Peace out! =)

  • glenda

    i wrote to u before about my candy .i had 5 or 6 then i looked again and they where gone ,would like to known where my candy when ,please e-mail me back .I love playing the game an so does my spouse .

  • Lyle

    I agree with the poster. I hate this show. They take advantage of people shamelessly offering too low for something so valuable. Also, I heard they are desperate to get good ratings, they have to get people off the street and ask them if they want to be on tv then hand them somethng to pawn.

  • Janet

    I recently decided to watch Pawn Stars again – not a wise choice! The owners continue to call Chum names and make fun of him. They are down right mean, and hurt his feelings. He is a big part of why people like that show, and I wish he would get an offer he couldn’t refuse and leave them. I think we would see the shows rating go down.
    Thank you Go Chum!

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