Personal Assistant Ad Scam on Craigslist

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I thought this Craigslist ad sounded a bit too good, but I inquired about it, keeping my postal address off the resume. I awoke today to a response that set of my scam radar. Checked it out on Craigslist and saw many others like him, using various names. Not sure what they expect to get from this, and I hate that I sent all that info on my resume, but am glad at least they don’t have my address. I wonder what’s going on with these personal assistant scam ads on Craigslist?

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4 thoughts on “Personal Assistant Ad Scam on Craigslist

  • ania

    i have been scammed to by a richard iv…he contacted me about a personal assistance job i inquired a

  • ronald bender

    on rv listing dealer is listing all kinds of rv for low prices when you email him never any answers rv are listed in many states

  • ronald bender

    need to find out who this person is doing all the fraud listing ov rv sales

  • Maro

    This is what I got from (Kendra Harry) Once she found out she was a sweet dog she was no longer interested. Please fill out the following and send a picture and I will see what I can do to get your pet the positive exposure they need. What I need to know… Name of the dog(s) or Cat(s)____________ Age?___________ Contact info______________________ Location_________________________ How far are you willing to travel if someone will take the dog but lives out of state?_________ Neutered or spayed?______________ Up to date on shots_______________ Breed______________________ Good with kids?______________ Cats and other dogs?__________ Any medical problems?__________ Temperament?______________ House trained?_____________ Why are you needing to re home?___________________

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