Philips Plasma TV Problems

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I bought a 42″ Plasma Philips TV in 2008. Just last week it stopped working. We are very technologically savvy, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done to solve the problem. The LED light blinks 6 times in a row and the TV will not turn on. We have been told by Philips customer representatives that their is a problem with the capacitor and service board. This will be more than $300 to fix, not including the cost of us renting a car (we live in Manhattan and do not have a car). They also offered us a used Philips TV for $400, which is hysterical. New flat screens are only about $400 with companies that have better reputations. Why would be buy a used Philips TV if ours only lasted 3 years!!

DO NOT buy Philips products. The costumer service is terrible and the products are poor.

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