AT&T Phone from an Insurance Claim

AT&T Phone from an Insurance Claim 55.00% satisfaction rating from 4 complaints

OMG where do I start with Defective AT&T phone from an insurance claim… they are going to send me a “charger and battery” for keys that don’t work???? Two phone calls, half hour the first one only to be cut off and have the jerk not call me back, then to call three days later and be told, “no, you never called.

We keep a record of every call and visit to the website and you didn’t call”… and resolution? Send me a battery and charger…. For an AT&T phone that hasn’t worked since I got it!! Second complaint is NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT COMPLAINTS!!!!! Daughter alone away from home for first time in life.

I’ve been an AT&T customer for SIX years and now all of a sudden AT&T insurance (Asurion) needs a signed NOTORIZED affidavit, copy of my license, copy of my bill so I can get my daughter who, once again, is out of town for THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE…. not out of town, 1200 miles away from home in flood ravaged, tornado ridden tennessee with NO PHONE… a replacement phone for the one she DOESN’T HAVE. I know I may not be making any sense but I am SO TICKED OFF RIGHT NOW with!

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4 thoughts on “AT&T Phone from an Insurance Claim

  • Channelle

    I have gotten nithing but the run around with Asurion. Luckily I was able to barrow a phone when mine was stolen because it has been a week now since I first called Asurion and filled my phone claim and I have done everything they have asked me to do and still no phone. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow or the next day. We will see though………not happy at all with their service. AT&T is a great company, but they need a different insurance company to represent them…….

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